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Best BMX Bikes For Adults [ Editor’s Reviews In 2021 ]

Best BMX Bikes For Adults

You may know BMX is a popular name in the bike world, You can choose this BMX bike without thinking too much, here we are talking about some best BMX bikes for adults. You may don’t know where this name comes from right? It comes from ” bicycle motocross”. The main reason is the sport of BMX is like motocross.

This kind of BMX bike is different in many ways, The rider of this bike can stand on during a number of different tricks, and the other unique thing is the handlebar can spin all the way around.

Buying a BMX bike for the first time is a little tricky. The first thing you need to consider some different components, like the wheel, brake, frame to ensure you are getting a good product.

The BMX bike is known as an off-road sports bike designed for kids and also for adults. BMX bikes are known as race bike.

Top 5 Best BMX Bikes For Adults

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike- Best BMX Bikes For Street Riding

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Freestyle bmx bikes for adults. Mongoose is a little bit different it is an aggressive brand found in 1974 in A California garage. Mongooses’ first product to current BMX mongoose always perform smoothest. Trick bikes for adults

BMX bike will offer Chromoly 8.75″ 4 piece bars. This bike frame features an ultra-durable mongoose 4130 Chromoly front triangle. Also removable brake mounts, mid bb shell and 20.75 inch top tube.

In this bike, there is a drivetrain feature 175 mm 3 piece Chromoly hollow spindle cranks with a 25t alloy chainring. The mid sealed bearing bottom bracket.

The wheelset is 20″* 2.35″ tires with wide aluminum single wall. The rims of 36h with 3/8″ female Axel front hub. With the KMC Z410 chain, you can go where you want with freedom.

It has mongoose unifier saddle, Seatpost of steel 25.4mm integrated to saddle. It will give you a fun ride experience. So go and get one of these as soon as possible.


  • Durable frame.
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Adjustable seat
  • Lightweight


  • Lacking of accessories

2. Redline Bikes MX BMX Race Bike- 24″ BMX bike

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Good bmx bikes for beginners. This bike is ready to race out of the box. The Redline is a perfect entry-level BMX race bike for a beginner. With 6061 alloy frame will be the perfect choice for the young racer.

It has a high quality 3 piece crankset and an integrated headset. Weight is around 14 lbs, Include with KMC Z 410 chain what will give you stress-free ride. 

Handlebars are RL race aluminum 2.5″ 10 back 2 up. Seat of RL race w/22.2 post and Seatpost RL race w/22.2 post. Seat post clamp alloy 25.4, rimes are 20 * 11/8.

It’s front hub rl aluminum and rear hub rl aluminum flip flop. There is a rl race aluminum 155 mm 3pc cranks crankset. Pedals are rl race 9/16″ pc pedals.

Brake are important right..? Very important, So tektro 926 linear brake will give you enough safety. In race sometimes you need to go through a rough road, In that case, most of the time you need a break. For a beginner racer, it will be the best choice for your journey.


  • Durable design
  • Lightweight
  • 26 linear brake


  • No cons

3. Redline Bikes Rival 20 Freestyle BMX- Haro BMX Bikes

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This beautiful entry-level BMX bike is designed with a short 19″ top tube for smaller riders, Includes with 8″ big box bars and a top load stem for wheel assist.

Bike frames made with hi-ten, fork of hi-ten tubular. Cranks are 165 mm forged and 25t sprocket. There is a cassette driver, lb, 14mm axle rear hub.

It has beautiful, strong rl 20 alloy 36h rims with 20* 2.25″ park tires. The hi-ten 8.25″ rise/ 25″ wide 12 back 1 up handlebar. Monster paddle saddle bike seat with 25.4mm.

Whatever you always need something smooth KMC Z410 chain will make your ride smoother. While riding you may go through tough road or busy road or something else always you need a break, this bike has a good quality alloy tektro brake. 

Also lb 3/8″ axle front hub, threadless 11/8″ headset, rl space pc platform 1/2″ pedals. Little bit heavy weight is around 27 lbs.


  • Beautiful design
  • Park tires
  • KMC Z410 chain


  • Little bit heavy

4. Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike- Best BMX Bikes

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When you look at this bike you will notice one thing it’s a colorful design, This is the best thing about this bike.

And the next things you will impressed by it’s tires which are very good and absorbs shock as well. It’s true that this bike is not the best bike through the marker but when you are comparing this with it’s low price then you will feel a pretty good deal.

Because of having a steel frame, this thing is a little bit heavy. The maximum weight capacity is around 100 lbs. This bike is for a kid whose age is between 8 to 12 so 100 lbs is much enough.

Whatever in the end we can say that in this price range this bike is pretty good.


  • Colourful and attractive design
  • Less expensive


  • Uncomfortable seat

5. Elite BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike- Best BMX Bikes For Beginners

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If you are looking for something good that can work well on the street, date, and park then this Elite BMX Freestyle Bike is for you.

The frame of this bike is made of hi-tensile steel and fork of cr-mo. 11/8 inch integrated sealed headset alloy stem and 4 piece cr- mo bars, Also, it has 3 piece cr – mo 170mm crankset.

It has hi-density plastic platform pedals. The seal 48t spline bottom bracket included.

Whatever you are going to ride with it, So at that time you need brake most. This bike has tektro alloy u brake what will give you full safety you don’t need to worried about safety


  • Great entry level
  • Comes with easy assembly instruction
  • Good frame design


  • Not comes with fully assembled

Buying Guide

best bmx bikes for beginners

It is very important to know what to consider when you are hunting for a quality BMX bike. When you are going to buy a BMX bike you have to check some factors, like brakes, bearing and rims, tire type, size, material, and frame size. Let’s talk about these further.


In this kind of off-road race, bike brake is very vital. You may find you in any difficult situation at that time you need brake most.

Most of the bike has rim brakes while freestyle bikes have a U- brake. You may unhappy but it sounds dangerous that most of the BMX bikes don’t have a good quality brake.

In that case you may choose U-brake it is not best but good enough.

Bearings And Rims

Actually bearings are little rings made of little metal balls located in the spinning part of your bike. Two types of bearings are mostly used one of unsealed and the other one sealed. Unsealed one are less expensive but faster and the other one sealed are expensive more durable also smoother motion so you may choose this one.

Rimes are three types, single, double and triple walled. Level increase and makes rim more stronger but prise also increase.

Tire Type

BMX bike tire are specially designed for a different type of riding. There are three types of categories slick, multi-purpose and knobby.

  • Slick

This kind of tires has a little more tread. Actually this tire are best for flatland but there are some riders who use them for ramps.

  • Multi Purpose

This tire also has a little more tread. If you are thinking about a variety of situations or streets and park riding then this kind of tire for you.

  • Knobby

Knobby type tire is thicker tires with deeper design. It will give you more traction in dirt and trails.


BMX bike is not like other typical bikes. For different riders, it has different preferences. It is very important to consider the perfect size for you.

  • Riders for 4 fits or under you need size from 15 inches to 16 inches.
  • For 4 fits to 4 fit 6 inches then you need size from 16 inches to 17 inches.
  • 4 fit 4 inches to 4 fit 10 inches then you need size from 17 inches to 18.5 inches.
  • If you are 4 fit 8 inches to 5 fit 4 inches then you need size from 18.5 inches to 19.5 inches.
  • 5 fit 4 inches to 5 fit 10 inches then you need size from 20 inches to 20.5 inches.
  • For 5 fit 10 inches to up then you need size from 20.5 inches to up.


What Is The Best Brand Of BMX Bikes?

There are different type of brand BMX available in the market but few are the best, like Mongoose, elite, redline, razor this all brand are pretty good you can choose from here.

Is Riding A BMX Good Exercise?

Regular riding of BMX will help you in better heart health. It will help you to enjoy better blood circulation. So, overall we can say that riding BMX is a good exercise.

Can You Ride BMX Long Distances?

If you are planning for a long-distance journey with BMX bike then you may choose a dirt jumper bike. Those bikes can use in street riding.

How Much Does A Good BMX Bike Cost?

Actually there is no set price for a BMX bike. Price totally depends on you and your budget. If you have a budget like 500$ then also you can buy some good BMX bikes.

Final word

I hope that you find what you are looking for. Hopefully, we give you the proper instruction about BMX bike purchase, Includes what you need to look for it.

Above all bikes are highly recommended for you. Because they are best in their price range.

Final and the most important thing always make sure it is the right size.

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