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Best Budget Dropper Post | Best Dropper Post Reviews And Buying Guide For 2021

Best Budget Dropper Post

In the last ten years, dropper seat posts have been on a rarity, but now it is almost absurd to get a mountain bike without one. But what is the primary purpose of dropper posts? When riding a mountain bike, a lower center of gravity will help you to navigate faster and become more stable. Virtually, when the gravity is high, you might experience some problems when negotiating corners and when descending on tough terrain. With the best budget dropper post, you will be able to solve all these problems and perhaps create more confidence for your riding skills.

If you need a quality dropper post without spending too much money, here are our top picks. Check their detailed reviews to help you figure out which model suits you well.

Top 10 Best Budget Dropper Post

1. PNW Components Cascade Dropper Post (Best Dropper Seatpost)

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This model can breed out the entire component in part trailside. PNW is the home of the best mountain riders. The post is super fantastic and a workhorse perfect for traveling options. The Cascade is reliable and comes with more years of service with less maintenance. Like all other droppers, it ensures your cables and other items are tidy during your maintenance operations.  Moreover, it is a lightweight dropper post, with a super seal from alloy cartridge.

The PNW is a perfect choice for inexpensive and high-quality alternatives. Some of the accessories that come from the company are high class and approachable by anyone. The dropper post has a travel of 125, 150, and 170 all depending on the requirements and the taste of the rider. Also, it has two separate diameter measurements of 30.9 and 31.6mm, respectively.  The post was built to serve for long, so you will not need to seek a new post for years.


  • The dropper post is reliable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with all the accessories intact


  • The dropper post comes only with an external routing

2. Kind Shock Eten- Remote Dropper Post ( Best Budget Dropper Seatpost)

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Are you a beginner looking for the best less professional dropper post for your mountain bike? I have an answer for you. This dropper is a basic model but can perform the job well. Surprisingly for a relatively cheaper post, eTen from Kind Shock comes with three diameter choices: 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6. Also, it has a travel of about 65 and 100 mm. The post comes with the design of a steel stanchion and a blend of an alloy mast. By sealing these features with a spring hydraulic cartridge, you will get the most effortless post to install to your mountain bike.

Excellent action and height are all you need for the best mountain seat post. Kind Shock is one of the oldest bike companies in the universe, thus combining experience and innovation to come up with one of the best cheap dropper posts. That might be the reason why the post uses some of the ancient styles, for example, the controllable air pressure. Reliability and durability are the principal calls for the post. The model is not vulnerable to wobbling like some of the types in the market today. However, you should not expect the post to have some of the modern features in comparison to the supermodels.


  • The post is convenient for beginners
  • It blends innovation and experience for supremacy
  • It is a bit more powerful


  • It is an old school dropper post

3. OneUp components V2 Dropper Seat Post

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Best budget external dropper post. Maybe you have been experiencing several challenges involving the impact of gravity on your bike. Well, the only item you need for your superbike is this Dropper seat post. The best post is the one that provides a rider with an amount of travel in the most convenient way. Although some of the best external dropper posts require some additional adaptors, the OneUp V2 comes with everything to perform the job. It has an elegant design with one of the lowest height for the price. That is the main reason why the model is one of the most compact droppers of all time. 

The fact that it is one of the most affordable dropper posts in the market today makes the model more admirable. Moreover, the post provides 100% reliability in the extended run test, making it the best for value. With OneUp Dropper post V2, there are just a few posts that can get your saddle lower. I love the travel of the model, which is 20mm and the remote texture of the entire piece. You can upgrade the latter to any form of a cable-actuated post.


  • It comes with all the accessories you need for a post
  • Short stack height


  • It has a slighter lateral play

4. KS eTen R Dropper Seat Post (Best Affordable Dropper Post)

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The list of the best budget dropper post can be complete without mentioning the super eTen R dropper post from the Kind Shock. No doubt eTen dropper posts have been the game changer of mountain bike posts in the past five years. It is a superb piece with a high price and impressive features. You cannot substitute the post with any other model in the market in terms of performance and the slack height. The KS eTen R post might come second after the OneUp V2 dropper post in terms of slack height. Besides, the post comes with a low insertion worthy of the value. 

If you wish to upgrade your post to a first dropper post, the KS R variant might be your perfect choice. Its shimmering color is ideal for stylish people. Moreover, the model boasts a fantastic head that comes with a 20mm by 100mm back offset adjustable travel. The design could be incomplete without the hydraulic cartridge which helps stabilize your bike on technical terrain. For the professionals, the dropper model is one of the best mountain bike dropper posts of all time.


  • One of the few available 20mm seat post frame owners
  • Postmodern style and design


  • The upgraded remote model is a bit pricey.

5. Satori Dropper Seat Post (Best Inexpensive Dropper Post)

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The Satori Dropper post originates from one of the most renowned companies offering the best cheap dropper posts globally. This model comes from the aerospace AL6061, which gives the post strength and superiority. Besides, the seat post is one of the best lightweight models in the market today. Furthermore, it comes with several amazing features at a very affordable price. The collar of the variants is adjustable by hand, and you can either loosen or tighten when cleaning.

Satori Dropper Post comes with a travel of 125mm or 150mm hence an excellent choice to solve your gravity problems. Also, the post boosts an air and hydraulic oil type. The dropper is very efficient, thus resolving your maintenance issues. That is the reason why many deem the post as the best dropper post for money. Apart from the cost, the model comes with an external cable length of up to 130cm and another internal cable of 130cm. You can cut the cord if you find it to be too long.


  • Best value dropper post
  • It is an efficient model-worthy upgrade


  • Some people might find the stalk height to be too long

6. Satori Sorata Pro Bike Bicycle Dropper Seat post (Best Cheap Dropper Deatpost)

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Satori is one of the leading companies and suppliers of the best budget dropper posts. The company focuses on providing the market with the best innovative mountain bike seat posts with the most relevant features. The model is compatible with different frames and an excellent means for upgrading your current post to first-class dropper posts. Besides, the variant is unique for the standard internal cable routing. Satori Sorata Pro post gives you lucid reliability and top performance at a very affordable price.

The model comes with an offset of around 3mm and a dual travel of 100mm or 125 mm which is not badly off. All you need to do to enjoy the superiority is to install the dropper post as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. However, the post does not use some of the cutting technology for the most modern variants. The post can be the right choice for the beginners and all the enthusiasts who value antediluvian innovation.


  • The dropper post is very stylish
  • Good value for money


  • The dropper post is not excellent for professional

7. RockShox Reverb Stealth (B1) Dropper Sea Post (Good Cheap Dropper Post)

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Best dropper post for the money. I tend to believe that wireless integration will be the future of the dropper seat post. If you are an enthusiast looking for the best seat post, then it is right time you consider the RockShow Reverb model. It provides smooth operations, light activation, and it is one of the most comfortable posts to install. The push-button of the model gives it an edge for immediate activation for stopping anywhere faster than some other variants. The wireless technology of the post is perfect for eliminating the antediluvian works. Best wireless dropper post.

The considerable stack height can reduce the travel options since you need to recharge the battery each time. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the model is more postmodern and comes with some of the unique features in the market. Of all the best benefits, you will get a product with an impeccable performance. The model comes with four different travel of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 170mm and a fantastic offset of 0mm. The material is also super aluminium blending both durability and efficiency.


  • The dropper comes with a friction-free activation
  • New vent valve


  • The stack height is long

8. Satori Harmony Bike Bicycles Suspension Seat Post (Most Reliable Dropper Post)

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Satori has been in the market for quite a long time, and we expect its products to meets all the needs of the consumers. Well, the Satori Harmony Sea post is the game-changer in the market. The model is a blend of both technology skills. Only a few numbers of dropper posts can go head-on with this super variant from the Asian Powerhouse. Satori Harmony Seat Post comes with a standard clamp and extra two bolts for safety. Sometimes riding might be risky, so the right measures should be available to solve the fear.

Apart from being one of the safest posts, this post is also one of the best dropper posts for the money. The maintenance cost of the variant is meager, unlike other mountain bike posts. Moreover, Satori gives the dropper post a new feature by equipping the Harmony with the patent stanchion. It sounds strange, right? Yes, because it is a new feature in the market, and that shows how the company is trying to solve the issue of modernity. However, one travel of the dropper might be frustrating because some expect up to three different travels.


  • It is a lightweight model
  • Comes with modern features


  • It comes with only one travel

9. PNW Components Bachelor Dropper Post

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In this era, everybody wants to ride a bike without getting blisters due to extra straining.  Everybody loves the long mountain rides and epic climbs while navigating the corners at a relative speed. That is the true meaning of riding. PNW Bachelor Dropper Post has the badge of offering the best step up performance for your post. The upgraded larger diameter stanchion shows that the PNW is in the business of providing what you are having been yearning to get. The post comes with more stiffness to ensure the firmness of the post for the performance of your mountain bike on a technical terrain.

The PNW Bachelor dropper post comes with extra features such as the DU bushing to enhance the friction of the wobble. The mission of the dropper post is to revive your love for the bikes. Besides, the model comes with up to three different travels and another added feature for the reckoning: the clamp houses external and internal cable to offer you sustainability and top performance. However, the installing process might be tedious.


  • Best suspension seat post
  • Comes with elegant design


  • Installation is tedious

10. DNM Mountain Bike Dropper Remote Lockout

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DNM Mountain Bike Dropper Remote Lockout is one of the best game-changer posts in the market today. This model comes with some super qualities such as the Exclusive anti-roll structure for spinning. Besides, the feature ensures that the structure is safe and extra steady. That is the reason why the dropper post is one of the best variants for beginners. It has a smoother surface to provide the entire structure with the best lining.

Moreover, the single tube comes with a separate air and oil system. Also, the adjustable for the air pressure is very excellent. DNM Mountain lockout dropper post comes with a 7050 tube material for super machining and extra flexible. Furthermore, this post is one of the best for money. Its reliability is beyond human reasoning. In essence, dropper posts should protect you against the gravity pool. Besides, the dropper post boosts a tube length travel of 330mm and 110mm. With only a few bucks, you can maintain all operations of the bike using the post.


  • Sustainable model
  • Long-lasting usage life


  • The default setting of the model is not pleasant.

Buying guide- Things to consider

Dropper posts are the bridge between the adaptability of the terrain and comfortability. These items are significant since they prepare you to cope with mechanical structures and overcome some of the challenges when riding. All you have to do is flip a switch to get a comfortable ride. But how can you enjoy the journey with the wrong choice of a dropper post? A poor quality dropper post can make you think that your riding skills are weak. If it is your first time to purchase a dropper post, this guide will be beneficial for you to make a solid decision of the right model of a dropper post.  Below are some of the things you need to contemplate before your purchase.

Remote Poisoning

Before dropper posts, seal post levers were the most popular models for mountain bikes. However, these models had several challenges, especially when refining the systems. With the emergence of the dropper posts, handlebar remotes became the most reliable models and surpassed their counterparts within a small duration.  These handlebar remotes were by far easy to use since their positioning was intuitive, and one could access those using hands. Today, all the companies producing dropper posts have their unique remote design. Some of the designs are better than others. You need to look at the newest option in the market that can produce up to 1x gearing. In the long run, the handlebar positioning might be useful ergonomically, and you should not settle for less.

Hydraulic or Mechanical

Dropper posts use different pressure, and you need to choose one that suits your preference and taste. The majority of the dropper posts may tend to use pneumatic pressure, but that does not mean that there aren’t any models using mechanical means of persuasion. Hydraulic might be shared among many dropper posts because the pressure is readily available. Each design that attaches the remote lever is unique in several ways. First, the hydraulic posts control the position fully without any external assistance.

Such can be very significant since you will not need any attachment of a cable. Besides, you can easily route the hose without experiencing challenges. However, for the operations to flow, you will need fresh fluid regularly. On the other hand, dropper posts that use mechanical levers need a cable for threading the gear housing. These models are easy for installing and keep the entire system in perfect shape, unlike the hydraulic counterparts.

Seat post Travel and Length

 We will be talking about the travel of the dropper post all along with the article. So what do we mean by the word travel? Travel simply means the distance- up and down that the post can easily travel. On several occasions, some of the dropper posts will come with more than one better travel. Some models have a standard travel length of around 80, 100, 125 and 150 mm. However, some of the companies have relatively more immense choices for the same. When you want to buy a dropper post, you will have to be sure that the length of the travel is long pedaling. Of course, you don’t want the travel to be too short. You need a more extended period for comfort. 

The diameter of the dropper post

Just like the fixed and other standard seat posts, all the dropper posts come with different widths. The length of the width may vary from one manufacturer to another. You can see several options 27.2, 30.9, 31.5 and 34.9 variant. You will need to select the width that is similar to the frame that you are using in your dropper post. Just take off the seat post and look at the side marks. If the size does not fit your preference, you can choose a smaller size for the frame.

best cheap dropper post


Is a dropper seat post worth it?

Yes, all the dropper seat posts are worth the purchase. They make riding easy and more comfortable. For the past ten years, riding was accompanied by blisters making it a hobby only for the professionals. But today anybody can ride a bike without any challenges.

How much travel do I need on a dropper post?

The travel or the length of the dropper post may vary from one manufacturer to the other; however, getting more than one travel might be suitable for the comfortability of your dropper post. Some dropper post comes with an up to four different travel which is excellent. Ensure you first understand how much travel you need before making the purchase.

What is the best dropper post?

Before crowning a particular variant as the best budget dropper post, there are several things we need to consider. Besides, the manufacturing company might play a significant role in the race. In terms of performance and superiority, the PNW components dropper posts might be the best. However, in terms of affordability, Satori dropper posts are the best.

How much does a dropper post cost?

Dropper posts vary in price, just like in the features. However, all the seat posts on our list are the best value and cheap models that you will find in the market. Also, they come with almost zero maintenance cost.

Final words

Up to this point, you should be able to summarize all the essential information about seat posts for the mountain bikes. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur to mountain biking or a professional; all these ten posts are the best budget dropper posts and will suit you well. Consider the cheapest dropper post that offers similar specs just like the infamous expensive variants. Finding the best brand will revive your riding skills. Besides, the best brand will provide you with the confidence you need to continue with your hobby. Now you know what to look for a mountain bike dropper post. Good luck!

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