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Best Electric Scooters Of 2021 [ Reviews For Adults ]

Best Electric Scooters

Best Electric Scooters beat other modes of transport not only at affordable prices but also the convenience. A scooter can maneuver through pathways and pavements. When it comes to the size, nothing prevents you from carrying it across the road.

For the lovers of nature, scooters make the trails more exciting as you can move from place to place in the shortest time possible. In other words, a scooter gives you access to more sites as compared to other transport vessels.

The manufacturers are competing, and everyone looks forward to delivering the best deal on the market. This means that updated features that make your work easier have been included when designing the scooters. However, this doesn’t make your selection stress-free, as similarities might confuse you even more.

We have therefore selected for you the Ten Best Scooters on the Market focusing on the affordability, design, durability, efficiency, and ease of use, among other features. Our goal is to assist you in getting a model that is cost-effective with exciting features to make your rides memorable.

You might be wondering what features make some scooters unique? Well, the great news is that all these features will be reviewed to give you a clear understanding of your ideal scooter.

In this section, we reviewed the best electric scooters. let’s see the list:

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters For Adults

1. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

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Best electric scooter for adults. When you look at this scooter, every guess you make it right. When you think of a tour through the neighborhood or a racing attempt through the pavements, this scooter makes it happen. This model has an awesome bamboo deck where you relax your feet during the ride. It runs on a battery-powered 500-watt motor resulting in powerful torture.

You will also adjust speeds using the speed throttle control unit through 18-20 miles per hour. This quiet scooter will let you have peace of mind, and this is what competing models lack. The powder-coated frame ensures emissions-free during transportation and also improves its durability.

Other notable features include an adjustable handlebar, padded seat and removable luggage rack that helps you when on your shopping spree. The 16-inch tube tires are wide and improve stability on the road. Things are made safe by the rear disc braking system that guarantees emergency braking in case there is an impending danger.

This fantastic Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter comes with a fantastic 90-day warranty to give you confidence when buying. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to buy a product with a warranty?


  • A battery-powered scooter with a wide bamboo deck
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty
  • Easy to assemble as assembling tools are provided
  • Runs on a 16-inch tire hence stable
  • Comes with an adjustable handlebar to match your height
  • The 500-watt motor provides a powerful torque
  • The speed control unit, therefore, allows you to take control of your speeds


  • The batteries do not last longer hence will need replacement
  • The assembling might take time as you need to read through the manual
  • Sometimes bumpy areas might be challenging to pass
  • The detachable luggage rack is small

2. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter w. Premium Li-Ion Battery

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Best electric scooter on the market. The size of a scooter is one exciting feature worth noting. Imagine having a scooter the size of a YAMAHA bike? This would be boring. With this unique Glion Dolly scooter, riders can now find a portable unit during their walk. It’s a battery-powered model that runs for an extended time when fully charged. You will only charge for 3.5 hours, which is excellent when you are planning a long journey.

The powerful batteries are composed of Premium 36V, 7.8ah Lithium Ion, and power the unit through 15mph. The motor is brushless and hence quiet when riding. You can, therefore, pass by your neighborhood without attracting tension.

The airless rubber tires will never disappoint as they remain tight on the road eliminating the inconvenience that is always brought about by the tube models. For the lovers of push and pull products, this scooter meets your needs as you can roll it down and walk with it just like a roller suitcase. This not only extends the span of your scooter but also gives you time to exercise while walking.

Finally, the model has an Electronic Antilock Maintenance-Free Brake that allows you to stop when the need arises. It is also one of the safety features of the scooter.


  • Lightweight and weighs 28 lbs and folds hence portable
  • The design is safe and comfortable
  • Quiet and runs on a battery
  • Covers almost 500 miles on a single charge
  • Tubeless tires thus durable
  • Comfortable when riding as it matches the size of your body


  • There are no shocks hence prepare to feel the bumps and potholes
  • The speedometer is not there making it hard to know the speed of the scooter

3. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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Cheap electric scooters for adults. If you would love to travel 40 minutes nonstop, then this scooter is designed for you. The majority of the scooters on the market come with prominent features which sometimes add no value to the scooter. With this small red scooter, you will find lots of amazing but straightforward features to make your ride fun. First, the unit runs on a sealed lead acid battery which takes twelve hours to full capacity. Ensure that the battery charges for 12 hours to boost its durability.

This scooter features a hand-operated from the brake that makes it easy to stop anywhere through your ride. You will also love the handy twist-grip throttle that helps in adjusting and reducing speeds. The model comes with an 8-inch front tire hence ensuring a safe ride. You will also love the deck that houses the batteries and also provides a stepping area for your feet during the trip.

The simple kickstart feature helps in starting the scooter, and you can run it up to great speeds of 10mph. This is enough to take you places. This chain driven scooter is easy to assemble as the guidelines are already there.


  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Comes with incredible speeds of 10mph
  • Comes with a maximum weight of 120 pounds
  • Once fully charged, it runs for 40 minutes
  • There is a twist-grip acceleration control
  • Has wide tubeless wheels for stability and durability


  • The charge time is longer as compared to the usage time
  • The cover which houses the chain is too big and prevents smooth turning
  • The rear wheel slips quickly hence dangerous for children

4. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

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The blue scooter looks incredible and will give any adult the best memories of a lifetime. The unit is ideal for 13 years and above. This ultra-quiet model comes with a unique handy twist-grip throttle, and this will allow you to accelerate speeds up to 12 mph. This is enough to take you places.

For those who value time, this model runs for 40 minutes. It’s sad but also advisable that you charge it for 12 hours to enhance battery durability. Sometimes getting off the battery before the full charge could save you an excellent ride but you will end up spoiling your battery and buying a new one.

The handy operated brake, kick starter, and the large tires ensure that you have smooth rides. The battery is under the deck hence safe. This deck provides extra space for you to step when riding. The maximum weight is 154 pounds and feels great when on the ground.

Overall, this model is easy to assemble as you have the assembling materials available.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Has a throttle that aids in adjusting speeds
  • Durable construction
  • Has an extensive deck to keep your feet comfortable
  • Runs for 40 minutes
  • Weighs 154 pounds
  • Features a retractable kickstart hence easy to start


  • Very heavy for children
  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Instant brakes when on full speed is dangerous

5. Razor E300 Electric 24 Volt Rechargeable Motorized Ride On Kids Scooter

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This Razor E300 arrives with a supersize deck ideal for kids and adults. It offers a wide surface where one can relax the foot while standing. Since it features a chain-driven motor, it gives you a cool 15mph making it a high-performance scooter.

The long-lasting 10-inch pneumatic tires offer stability, and this is what makes this unit move at high speeds without sliding or the rider falling off. You will also experience a smooth ride courtesy of the super quiet motor that provides enough power to move through the hilly and flat areas. You will need to charge the battery 12 hours before use, and this will see you enjoy 40 minutes of the continuous ride.

The scooter also features an excellent twist-grip throttle which ensures variations in speed when you are riding. You can, therefore, decide to run it on full speed or slowly depending on your urgency to reach your destination. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the comfortable height, which gives individuals from 12 and above years a chance to ride and enjoy the neighborhood.


  • Features high-speed twist-grip throttle that allows one to accelerate speeds up to 15mph
  • The height is ideal for 12-year olds and above
  • Has long-lasting 10-inch pneumatic tires hence stable
  • Runs on a quiet and powerful motor
  • Has a super wide deck that covers the batteries as well as providing kids and the old enough standing space


  • Charging time of 12 hours and run time of 40 minutes is a bit low
  • The model is heavy hence dangerous for kids
  • The technology side is outdated and won’t give a clear understanding of speeds

6. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

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Best electric scooter to buy. The most sought-after vintage-inspired scooter on the market comes with exciting features. The seat is comfortable and hence ideal for smooth rides and will see you enjoy bumpy roads while seated. This makes it safe for both children above 12 years and adults. The betty scooter also looks incredible and will give you the mood to ride any time you feel like touring the neighborhood or grabbing that shopping anytime.

This scooter which is made to give you excellent riding speeds runs on a powerful chain-driven electric motor which enables it to move at maximum speeds of 15 mph. This is enough to see you reach your destination faster than using other standard scooters.

The speeds are achieved through the twist-grip acceleration control system that gives the freedom to change through different speeds. The safety is also enhanced with the wide 12-inch pneumatic tires and a rear suspension system that gives you the confidence to move around.

When the built-in batteries are fully charged, it runs you through 10 miles on that single charge. Therefore, individuals with a maximum weight of 170 pounds will find this unit ideal for their daily activities.

Feel safe with the hand-operated rear brake as well as excellent light ideal for night rides. You will even enjoy the night riding without fear of darkness. With only 12 hours of uninterrupted charging, this scooter will deliver to you a run time of 40 minutes.


  • Durable construction inspired by a vintage style
  • Carrying capacity of 170 pounds
  • Speed variations courtesy of the twist grip acceleration control
  • Runs at maximum speeds of 15 mph
  • The 12-inch pneumatic tires guarantee stability and ease of riding
  • Vintage design hence brings style into travel
  • Wide deck and well-suspended seat to give a comfortable ride
  • Runs on built-in batteries


  • Assembling is not easy and requires time to go through the manual guideline
  • Takes long to reach full charge

7. Segway miniLITE – Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter

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An excellent surprise gift to a friend doesn’t have to be difficult to find. This breathtaking self-balancing scooter has it all in terms of style as well as features. You will find it ideal for nature drives as well as group rides. While you listen to some relaxing music, this scooter guarantees your safety as it runs on a fully integrated app control system.

The powerful engine delivers 700 watts, making it suitable for amazing rides for kids above six years. When fully charged, this scooter runs through 11 miles at top speeds of 10 mph. This allows the rider to decide on the speeds they would feel comfortable as well as the time they would want to cover these miles.

The 10.5-inch air-filled tires are ideal for a smooth and stable ride. They add up as durable tires that will see you run for ages before you think of replacing them. The tires also feature a road-adaptive design where you will run through slopes, debris, and any other terrain.

It’s also a lightweight and portable unit that will fit anywhere when you plan to move outdoors. This gives it an upper hand over other scooters that are designed to take most of your space when carrying or storing.

The padded knee control bar will see you enjoy your hours of travel without compromising your safety. This also makes it easy for you to learn how to ride the scooter. The lighting makes it classy and hence, a different deal that you can trust and purchase confidently.


  • Durable construction
  • Has a padded knee control bar for safety
  • Takes a short time for intuitive learning on how to ride
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Has excellent 10.5-inch air-filled wheels for stable riding
  • Powerful 700-watt engine
  • Delivers top speeds of 10Mph
  • Free mobile app for ease of controlling


  • Can take time to learn how to ride
  • No anti-theft lock
  • Automatic headlights not available

8. Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

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The Drive Medical Scout is a powerful three-wheel scooter that guarantees your stability and safety when riding. It’s designed in a straightforward manner hence ideal for all ages. The swivel seat is adjustable and comes with a backrest to keep the rider comfortable all through the journey.

The padded armrests also keep your arms relaxed, and you won’t feel the need to strain while moving around simply because your arms feel safe. You will also find it easy to control, thanks to the Ergonomic throttle control feature.

The deck is wide and ideal for kids and the old. It offers enough space where you can rest your feet when touring the neighborhood or when visiting a market for some shopping. The shopping luggage bag included makes your transportation needs achievable.

Stability is one key concern, and this model solves the whole worry as you are guaranteed a safe ride on the three-wheeled scooter made of high-quality materials for durability and stability.

This small compact and a durable scooter will serve you well if you have other needs such as nursing an injury on the spine, recovering leg, or any assistance you need when your body feels like it needs some comfort at affordable rates.


  • Runs on stable three wheels hence safe
  • Has Ergonomic throttle control for smooth rides
  • Features an adjustable seat for your height needs
  • Has armrest and a backrest therefore comfortable
  • Easy and quick assembling process
  • Comes with a basket for shopping
  • Wide deck for comfort
  • The delta-shaped steering makes riding easy


  • The small-sized model which is not ideal for huge people
  • Slow speeds hence inconvenient for fast riders
  • A bit costly when compared to other scooters

9. FORD OJO Commuter Scooter Vintage Woody

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Awesome electric scooters for adults. When you purpose to have a scooter that comes with style and class, then FORD OJO is the best selection. It’s an impressive unit that features full deck space to relax your feet as you take a tour through the neighborhood. It offers an excellent way to reduce that tiring distance and minimizes the time it takes you to meet your friends for training or a cup of coffee.

It features three driving modes that include Sport mode for high-performance rides, touring mode for range drives, and the eco mode designed for new rider orientation. This means that your needs are covered in whichever style you choose to ride.

FORD OJO runs on top speeds of 25 mph which is higher than any of the competitors reviewed. This makes it easy for you to rush to your destinations within a short time. It also offers an advantage to you in case you would want to avoid traffic snarl-ups.

The 4PR tubeless tires and the powerful mechanical brakes guarantee your safety when riding. The tires are anti-skid and will move at high speeds with the brakes ready to halt the scooter in case of an emergency. You can also enjoy adjusting your seat to achieve the most comfortable height ideal for you. This makes it convenient when riding.

Finally, this scooter features an excellent control system with a headlight meaning the hustle that comes with night transportation has been solved. You can, therefore, ride at night without worrying about potholes or bumps on the way.


  • Runs on high speeds of 25 mph
  • Seat adjusts for comfort
  • Wide deck to keep the feet secure
  • 4PR tubeless tires to durability and stability on the road
  • Powerful engine hence climbs hills effortlessly
  • Overall durable construction
  • Runs through three driving modes for you to choose


  • The speeds are dangerous for kids hence needs some experience

10. URB-E Folding Electric Scooter

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The URB-E Folding is one of the Best Electric Scooter comes with exciting features to make life fun and comfortable for you.  The model has been designed for efficiency. When it comes to portability, this type is lightweight and weighs 35 lbs. This is because the unit comes from aircraft-grade aluminum that not only makes it lightweight but also durable and classy.

Folding this unit is easy as it retracts occupying less space. This makes the potability real as you won’t struggle to carry the entire big scooter; instead, you will redesign it into a small compartment and move it upstairs.

The other remarkable features include the cup holder, charging areas, headlight, and basket, where you can keep your smartphone for safety. This makes your life stress free.

The adventurous rider will enjoy maximum accelerating speeds across all terrains on 10″ pneumatic tires hence shortening the distance. You will find that operating all these requires less energy as the powerful motor gets you the needed torque to get the speeds set.

On a single charge, this scooter will cover 18 mph and 20 miles. This is enough for an adventurous tour. When you compare the gravity of this unit to that of a standard bike, you will notice that this model’s center of gravity is closer to the ground hence stable.


  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Lightweight and portable unit
  • Features 10″ pneumatic tires
  • Covers 10 mph to 20mph
  • Cupholder, charging area and basket available
  • Foldable design hence easy to move
  • Powerful 350-watt motor


  • It’s costly
  • Might be dangerous for kids especially the size

Best electric scooter for adults

Buying Guide For Best Electric Scooters

History has it that scooters have been used for ages as they are economical and easy to use. With the modern inventions, scooters have advanced and new features added to give you a customized feeling. You can easily walk into a manufacturing company and provide them with a picture of what you need, and the outcome will impress you.

Far from this, you will notice that everybody years to own a scooter simply because scooters are less costly and easy to operate. Scooters also come in select sizes, giving them an upper hand when compared with other transportation modes.

When you are ready to buy a scooter, you probably need something that will meet your requirements. This is best compared to buying a shoe. You would consider a pair that makes you feel comfortable. This will come with many other factors. With a scooter as our subject matter, you need to get a deal that will see you get the value for your money.

Sometimes, you might find varieties on the market and guess it right; you will buy a look-alike type. The aftermath is frustration and losses. Who would want to go through this? Well, this guide will complement whatever we have reviewed in the top ten sections and will give you critical things that you need to consider before taking that step of buying a scooter. The objective is to see you a happy customer as well as keep you informed on any safety measures that come with scooters.

At the end of this guide, you will have gotten leading information on what to look out for before buying that scooter. Here are some of the key areas we found out to be beneficial when you need a scooter

Condition Of The Scooter

New or old? Well, this depends on your budget. We have varieties of scooters on the market at different prices. You pick what fulfills your budget. At times you might get a great deal slightly above your budget. You can either postpone the purchase or buy something that will suit your budget.

The market has a variety of scooters. From manufacturing firms, you will find brand new scooters that come at a higher selling price. This is because all the parts are new, and the warranties are given just in case anything happens. This is the safest way to get your scooter and the most advisable mode of buying. Buying a new scooter will not see you in a garage soon because everything is new.

On the other side, your budget might be tight, but you need a great scooter. Do not worry as the market has excellent scoopers which are slightly used but in good condition. You can go for these. The only issue is the warranty that’s only given by manufacturers. Ensure you have your logbook with matching chassis numbers. Before the purchase, consider either a new or a slightly used one. Whichever unit you will want, it’s always available.

Prices Of The Best Electric Scooters

Price is usually a huge determinant when it comes to buying a scooter. Research is very important because it gives you the chance to shop around and get the best offer. You need to be keen on other services offered, such as free shipping and free service after a while. You might be surprised at how to price variations will save you money. The survey can be done online, and the comparison will get you a better scooter for your money.

Note that some outlets will not specify the manufacturers; hence, such hidden information should always raise questions. Buy what you know is within your budget to avoid straining.

Purpose Of The Best Electric Scooters

Scooters have been designed to serve different purposes. We have people nursing injuries and prefer having scooters. We also have fun-loving individuals who love adventurous tours. Well, the choice will be based on your needs. For those buying a scooter to nurse injuries, the 3-wheeled models will be the best. The unit should have an adjustable seat and a wide deck to get you a comfortable position.

If you want a scooter to meet your adventurous needs, then get a lightweight unit which is long-lasting. You will also need to focus on speeds as adventurous scooters should be speedy as well so that you can adjust them accordingly. The scooters designed for sloppy and bumpy areas should be durable; hence, the need to check on the materials used when manufacturing the scooter.

Electric Or Gas Powered Scooter?

At this juncture, the choice depends on you. For the Best electric scooters, you will find the energy-efficient as you need to charge it for some time, and you are set for your nature tour. The only disadvantage with electric charged scooters is the limit in terms of the distance the charge takes. Some take less than an hour. The electric ones are cheap to maintain.

The gas-powered units are excellent because they cover a longer distance and you can pop in a gas station to refill. This makes it the most preferred type on the market. The engine capacity also determines the amount of gas you will need. The larger the engine, the more powerful it is and therefore, more consumption. You can decide to choose what suits you.


Ensure you pick what you like. Scooter tires come in two, i.e., pneumatic (air-filled) and airless. Air-filled types absorb shock and give excellent traction on bad weather. However, these will require more service as compared to the airless types. The airless ones do not require maintenance. This gives you an open view of what to go for.


Most scooter speeds range between 10-18 mph. This is the recommended speed. On the other side, if you feel like there is a need to increase your speed, then, have protective gear like a helmet to protect you in case of an accident.


Just like motorcycles, scooters can cause serious accidents. When buying the scooter, make sure they come with protective gear such as a helmet, jacket, and gloves. This will see you relieved in case of an accident. This goes in hand with the acquisition of licenses and joining organizations that work with scooter riders. You also need to have insurance just in case you are involved in an accident then you can claim compensation.

Benefits Of Having A Best Electric Scooters

A scooter comes with many advantages, which is why it is among the most sought after means of transport. Scooters come in either gas-powered or electric-powered types. The choice lies in your hands.  Modern scooters have hundreds of benefits. We shall have a look at a few to give you an understanding of why a scooter has the upper hand over the other transportation means.

  • The Scooter Is Cost-Effective

Scooters are less costly and hence, save you a lot when it comes to purchasing. When compared with a standard bike, scooters cost half the prices. This means that you will benefit from a means of transport as well as save for future use.

  • Save Time

Using a scooter gets you to your desired destination faster hence helping you to save time. The speeds of your scooter also determine the amount of time it will take you to reach your destination. Scooters are fast as you don’t have to encounter inconsistencies such as the annoying traffic jams.

  • Explore The World

Since scooters can maneuver through different terrains, it becomes advantageous to you as you can get everywhere at any time you want.

  • Light And Portable

When you have a scooter, know that you can easily carry it in case of damage or transportation. Most scooters weigh less than 20 pounds hence easy to carry. If you have a scooter made from aluminum, then this is automatically lightweight and won’t stress you when it comes to transport.

  • Affordable Repair Costs

When you compare a scooter to a car, then you will realize that servicing your scooter is cheaper than servicing a car. This will also save you some money.

  • Less Stressing

With a scooter, you will have a peace of mind, especially the ones that are electrically powered. They operate smoothly with their quiet motors, allowing you to enjoy your ride.

  • Suitable For Children And Adults

Scooters are suited for both children and adults. Most of the scooters have specified the age bracket hence guarantee you the safety of your kid as well as any adult who uses the scooter. Therefore, this is an excellent way of adding fun to your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the carrying capacity of a scooter?

Scooters vary in weight capacity. There are string types that support over 170 pounds while there are those that support under 170 pounds. Sometimes the choice depends on who will ride the scooter. In case you have a child in mind, then consider a lighter scooter with lower carrying capacity.

Which wheels should I pick between air-filled and airless?

The type of wheels you pick depends on the terrain and the length of time you want to use your scooter. In most cases, air-filled types are appropriate if your terrain is bumpy or rocky. On the other side, the airless types are preferred if you will not be going through rough terrains. Note that the air-filled types are excellent with any weather conditions as you can reduce the air to create traction.

Would you recommend an electric scooter over a gas scooter?

Well, having an best electric scooter saves the cost of gas and also the service costs that come with gas clogs. The electric type is excellent; however, you will need to learn how to travel for fewer minutes as most of the scooters go for an hour.

Do I need a helmet for a scooter?

There is an assumption that a scooter moves at slower speeds and hence fewer accidents. In most cases, riders overlook the helmet, which is a traffic offense. You need protective gear. Apart from the mask, find gloves, jacket, and knee protectors.


Best Electric Scooters will always rank top when it comes to convenience and efficiency. They are the only means of transportation that is affordable and works as needed.

We agree that the market has hundreds of scooters with specific features designed to meet customer needs. Among the things, we decided to look out for before making the review prices, quality, ease of use, and efficiency, among other things.

We have also seen the benefits of having a scooter, and in a nutshell, a scooter brings you closer to your community. It’s the reason why your family will be happy. It’s a gift your kids would find hard to forget.

The top ten reviews have the best interests for you and as you plan to have a scooter soon, consider getting one from our list above. In case you have more questions on the scooters, comment and we’ll help in any way possible.

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