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Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 [ 2021 Reviews and Buying Guide ]

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Cycling is among the top fancied fun activities by human beings. But it can sometimes be frustrating that it is hard to find the best mountain bikes under 300, it should not be an issue to you anymore. There are a variety of mountain bikes currently flooding the market at reasonable prices, this is to enable it easy for everyone to have a mountain bike that fits them. So, how can you find the ideal mountain bike for you? Below are a review and a guide that will be handy in helping you get a reliable mountain bike under 300. Read on.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 Reviews

While there are many mountain bikes on the market today, it can be tough to find out which one suits your needs. We narrowed options on the market to help you get an affordable mountain bike that you will enjoy to use.

Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

1. Kingttu EURG6 Mountain Bike (Top Mountain Bikes Under 300)

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Get the bike that ensures you have fun to the maximum. You need a good product that will give you value for your money. Check this one out

The Kingttu bike is portable and easy to move around with ease. It has a high power of stopping due to its dual disc brake. This makes the bicycle suitable for riding in rough and terrain roads. It also capable of carrying high capacity load due to its folding ability. The instructions for installing the bike after purchasing it are clearly and briefly indicated on the package. If one has some difficulty in installing the bike, brakes, and system of speed, help is available from the local shops or one can call the purchasing company. Also, if your bicycle is damaged or scratched during the transportation process contact the company and help will be offered.


  • It has a very comfortable seat.
  • It only requires 15% assembling since the rest is already assembled before purchasing.
  • Enables smooth riding even on rough roads.
  • Its dual brake and six spokes enable the bike to climb steep terrains with ease.


  • The folding technique causes squeaking sound which may be irritating.
  • Some Kingttu bikes are heavy.

2. Hiland 24, 26 Inch Mountain Bike (Good Mountain Bikes Under 300)

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Cycling is all about having fun. Why should you limit your fun by getting a poor type of a bicycle while you can get the best quality bikes at any price? If you have an interest in cycling, then you should do it to the maximum and enjoy the moment without any limitations. It is not easy to find a full suspension bike which is a good feature for a less price but that does not mean you should settle for less. Hiland mountain bike is one of the best cheap mountain bikes you can come across.

The Hiland model of a mountain bike is a great model having features similar to those of a highly-priced mountain bike. The bike is of a great quality way much beyond the price tag. Different bikes are made of almost similar design but the features of these bikes are slightly different by the fact that some models incorporate great features to enhance cycling experience as well as the durability of the bike.  The features of this model include aluminum suspension fork, a lightweight frame, thick wheels, and good gear ratios.


  • Good suspension fork
  • Durable frame
  • Alloy rims enhance the good riding experience
  • 80% pre-assembled


  • Not good for mountain climbing

3. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike (Best Mountain Bike Brands)

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Best hardtail mountain bike under 300 dollars. Some prefer to speed some comfort, which of them are you going to sacrifice for the other? Some bicycles are good for speed enthusiasts. Bike brands such as Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike have ensured you get the best hardtail mountain bikes over time. To ensure you get the great comfort you need, the bike comes with a dual suspension however models such as Huffy hardtail summit Ridge 21- Speed MTB sacrifice comfort for speed. Depending on your needs, there is always an ideal bike for you. Let us focus on this model from Huffy Bicycle Company, is it the ideal bike for you? Let us find out.

Huffy mountain bike features a lot of extra features to ensure you have excellent commuter experience. Unlike single suspension bikes, hardtails such as summit Ridge 21-speed MTB has a versatile outlook. It features 21 speeds making sure you can cycle uphill easily. While commuting downhill you can easily shift the gears to enable pedaling. The model is a great quality way beyond the pricing making it the best budget hardtail mountain bike.


  • Durable parts with affordable pricing
  • It is a lightweight model
  • Slight-rise handlebars for an upright riding style


  • The seat needs additional padding
  • Some assembling need to be done before riding

4. Eurobike Bicycle E7 27.5 Mountain Bike

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Sometimes we fancy some activities but you find that the cost of acquiring equipment is way high than we can afford. It is no more something that has to worry you, brands are making the best mountain bikes under 300. However, the price of the product is proportional to its quality, there are best mountain bikes for the price. Such bikes as the Eurobike bicycle E7 27.5-inch mountain bike are pocket friendly though they can perform just like the highly-priced bikes. 

The bike model features a great deal of state of art features that any high price bike would have. You will not fail to notice the sturdy aluminum frame which greatly makes the model light. The bike features an excellent shock-absorbing system of 80mm suspension fork. The bike’s pride is also the 21 speeds and efficient Shimano EF-500 shifters which will never disappoint when shifting the gears. The wheels of the model are 27.5 inches which are ideal enough to traverse through any terrain without any difficulty. The wheels are compatible with excellent alloy rims which are fitted to ensure you get an amazing cycling experience once you hit the terrain.


  • The bike is easy to handle
  • The bike is sturdily built to ensure it is long-lasting
  • Easy to control the bike due to effective braking
  • It is lightweight


  • There are complaints of loose screws and bolts

5. Eurobike Mountain Bike TSM G4 21

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Best youth mountain bike under 300 dollars. We all need to have the best products. There are features that you might not be able to find every product and for that reason, there are a variety of products. Different brands are known for making different qualities of products. It is crucial to ensure that as a bike enthusiast you have the trusted brands of a mountain bike that can satisfy your needs completely. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you look for the best mountain bike brands. Read on.

Eurobike mountain bike might be a familiar model of mountain bike to a bike enthusiast. This particular model is a mountain bike that has a state of art features that are geared to making your cycling more fun. The bike’s most visible feature is the ease of storage since the bike can be folded into half. This feature makes it easy to transport the bike. The utility of the bike is improved by the fact that is has a great suspension ranking it among the best affordable full-suspension mountain bike. The bike will, however, need a little assembly after purchasing it. It does not see a reason why this bike should not be of your choice


  • Great suspension makes the bike easy to use
  • It is easy to store since it is foldable
  • it is affordable


  • you will need some extra assembly on the bike

6. Royce Union RTT Mens 21-Speed Mountain Bike

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Best mens mountain bike under 300 dollars. Comfort is a priority for any fun activity or even exercise. Therefore, no matter what you want to use your mountain bike for, it is crucial to ensure that you are comfortable with your bike before you hit the terrain. It is important to consider your needs and purpose for the bike to ensure that you get what serves you the best. In this review, you are going to know why the Royce Union RTT 21- Speed Mountain Bike is the one for you.

This model, unlike a variety of other bikes, features the EZ Fire gearing system that enables the cyclist to shift gears easily. The bike’s manufacturer has your comfort in mind therefore, they have ensured that your bike features a zoom suspension fork which enables you to have a smooth experience even in rough terrain. Also, the bike features thick tires that are fitted to alloy rims for added comfort. The alloy rims can tolerate rigors of entry-level mountain biking. What are you still waiting for? Go grab your Royce bike and have one of the best entry-level mountain bikes.


  • it is comfortable
  • thick tires fitted to aluminum alloy rims
  • efficient gear shifters


  • Not for speeding

7. Max4out Mountain Bike

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Max4out mountain bike reviews. The best products are what we all love to have. When it comes to bikes, there are best mountain bike brands that are committed to ensuring that you get the best experience on the roads. As a cyclist, you need to be aware of such brands asMax4out so that whenever you want to go for a bicycle you can get the best in the market. This review will help you know more about this bike.

The model has an outstanding appearance that can easily catch your eye in the first glimpse. The model features a strong steel frame which is light and contains high carbon. The shock absorbers in the front of the bicycle are fitted to ensure a smooth experience on rough terrain. The bike is foldable making it easy for transportation in your car and storage, therefore, saving you the closet space.

The bike also features 21 gears to give comfort when moving through both inclined surfaces as well as flat terrain. Low gears for inclined terrain and high gears to ensure comfort on flat terrain.


  • it has an attractive design
  • durable frame
  • it is lightweight
  • easy to store


  • it is a bit pricey

8. Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Girls

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The interest in biking has no age limit, you can find it fascinating whether old or young. In case your kids are interested in biking, you will find it necessary to introduce them to biking as young as they are. However you cannot just wake up and decide to push them to cycle, you need to ensure you get the best beginner mountain bike for them. The Huffy Kids Hardtail mountain bike for girls is an example of such bikes for beginners. Read on.

For kids who are interested in cycling and has the potential in it, you need to get them bikes with good features. For example, this model features six-speed Shimano gears that will help in uphill and downhill riding. Also, the bike comes with a durable 13-inch steel frame that ensures that the bicycle last longer. The linear-pull handbrakes are also a good feature of this bike. The handlebars come in great shape and design to ensure your kids get the smooth-riding experience by reducing strain during riding. The bike has further kolo 1200 suspension fork that guarantees your kid a more smooth riding experience.


  • The tires are wide making it suitable for aggressive ride
  • It’s made of a durable frame
  • It has suspension fork for smooth riding
  • It is affordable


  • The bicycle’s saddle needs more padding

9. Schwinn Surge 26 Inches Mountain Bike

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When it matters to having fun, many individuals think that a lot of money should be involved. Getting a bicycle, for example, you might think is beyond your reach. But have you ever thought of how many low priced bicycles are in the market today? Several brands are struggling to make bicycles that can be pocket friendly. Schwinn surge mountain bike is an example of the best mountain bike for the money. It is among the best mountain bike pick for you as a bike enthusiast. Find out more about the bike.

This particular pick of a bike is an excellent choice for price-sensitive individuals since it has great features and performance that will give you satisfaction and value for your money. The bike has a lightweight frame and a good suspension fork of about 1000 mm for a smooth riding experience. The bike offers a range of 24 speeds where you can shift depending on the terrain you are riding on. The speeds are made easier to shift by the rear and front derailleur which makes the shifting smooth and precise as long as you adjust the shifters properly.


  • Lightweight
  • Well-rounded
  • Playful


  • Not a brawler

10. Pacific Derby Mountain Bike

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The variety of mountain bike brands available in the market today is overwhelming. I know you need a better quality of mountain bikes if not the best. But you need to put your needs into consideration before picking a bike of your choice. This is crucial since it will help you get the best mountain bike that will satisfy your needs. If you are just dipping your foot to try cycling then the best hardtail bike recommended for you is the pacific Derby mountain bike.

The model features amazing features to ensure your comfort is a priority as well as giving you a fantastic experience on the terrains. The bike is the ideal choice for individuals who love speed as well as the single track enthusiast. The bike has an 18 speed rear cassette that plays a great role to improve your comfort during cycling thus ensuring your biking is fun despite the terrain. Versatility is one of the amazing features of this model. The frame is made of steel giving you a long-lasting model of a bike.


  • The bike makes cycling fun
  • It is easy to use for long climbs
  • It is effective
  • The bike is affordable


  • It has an annoying chain slap

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Mountain Bike for You

With the massive brands of bikes that currently are available in the market, it has become hard for individuals to get the perfect bike that will serve them ideally. If you are looking for the best mountain bikes under 300, then here are things that you need to consider.

The material of the Frame

Different bicycles could easily catch your eye at a single glimpse. However, not all that glitters is gold therefore you need to pay attention to very crucial details to ensure that you get the ideal mountain bike that will not disappoint you once you take it home. The frame is one important thing that you should pay attention to before getting your bike. A bike with a strong frame is the best choice recommended for you. The material that the frame is made of is the key thing here therefore you need to acquire a frame that guarantees you quality. Some of the common frame material includes steel and aluminum alloy however, you can find some other frame materials such as titanium and carbon fiber. Get the best out of your bike by ensuring that you choose the bike whose frame material is of good quality.


The size of the wheels of a bicycle is an important consideration that will help you get the ideal mountain bike for you. The wheels of the bikes come in different sizes the common size being 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and 29 inches. However, the size of the wheels of the bike you need is also determined by a variety of factors, you need to assess the terrain that you plan on using the bike, your day to day plans as well as the activities you intend to use your bike on.

In most cases, the 26-inch size wheel is most preferable since it can easily fit into different terrain as well as activities.


Another crucial feature of the mountain bikes is the gears. Different mountain bikes come with different numbers of gears. The mountain bike with the highest number of gears is said to have up to 30 gears however a number is not necessary. You should go for a bike with several gear that you will need. In case you have more demanding activities and day to day plans, it is recommended that you get the bike with a high number of gears. Otherwise, when you are just a cyclist who cycles on paths and flat terrains, it would be unnecessary to have a mountain bike with a large number of gears and you should get a bike with fewer gears.

Types of Riding

As we have seen from the reviews covered in this article, it is evident that there are different bikes for different activities. And since we are also different humans, you will have a different taste from the other individual, therefore, your need for the bike will be different as well. Therefore, when going to get you a bike, then you will need to ensure that you put into consideration the type of riding you need for the bike.

Some individuals will need a bike for cross country racing, uphill riders as well as the cyclist who commute on flat terrain. Therefore the type of terrain you ride on is important to consider when you are going for a bike. You would not use a cross country mountain bike for uphill cycling, therefore, get you a bicycle that fits your type of riding.

Now that you know what to consider when choosing a bike for you, it is time to hit the stores.

best hardtail mountain bike under 300


What is the best hybrid bike for the money?

The best hybrid bike for money is Carrera Subway hybrid bike since it has a good value for the money.

Which hybrid bike brand is the best?

You can get a good hybrid bike depending on whether you are a beginner, commuting, training or gender. For beginners, you can go for Diamondback Trace, Tommaso La Forma or Raleigh Cadent 2. If you are commuting, go for Ghost Square Cross 1.8 or Surly Pack Rat. In case of training, you are advised to go for Cannondale Quick CX3 or Diamondback Haanjo 3.

What is a good entry-level hybrid bike?

A good entry-level hybrid bike is the one that is strong enough to withstand rough terrain but can ride smoothly through the city. It is also versatile. The riding position of the bike is comfortable. The tires are big enough to ensure balance but small enough for easy movement.

Are Trek hybrid bikes any good?

Trek hybrid bikes are good because they are versatile and can be ridden on various surfaces. Each Trek model has its strengths. For instance, some can be fast on pavements while others can be comfortable on dirt paths. 

Final Words

You can be a commuter, an exerciser, a hiker or any other individual that uses a bicycle. However the purpose of your cycling, you need to have fun. One fun thing about cycling is that it is both exciting as well as healthy. When cycling, you are exposing yourself to fitness exercise as well as gaining pleasure. It is therefore important to take note that you need a quality bike that will serve your needs and as well not bring danger to your pocket. Using this article you can get to choose the best mountain bikes under 300 and thank me later.

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