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Best Skateboard Wheels For Street [ Reviews And Buying Guide For 2021 ]

Best Skateboard Wheels For Street

Every skater wants to have the best skateboard wheels for street. Also, skater wants to have the best skateboard wheels for the best experience. This is simply because if you don’t get the best skateboard wheels for cruising, you will not be comfortable when riding even one might be able to balance. When looking for the best skateboard wheels for beginners, you need to consider features like the diameter, durometer and even the weight of any skateboard wheels before purchasing one. Make sure you check all the feature and they are suitable for your riding style.

We did more research to help you get the best skateboarding wheels on the market today. We have also given you a comprehensive guide to help you pick the right product. Best skateboard wheels guide.

Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Reviews

If you need the best size skateboard wheels for street, we have some amazing models that you can consider. Below is the best skateboard wheel that you may consider purchasing because they have the best features.

Top 10 Best Skateboard wheels for street chart:

1. Bigfoot Cored Classic Longboard Wheels (Best Rated Skateboard Wheels)

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This is one of the best longboard wheels for street. These skateboard wheels are best for cruising. Bigfoot core classic longboard wheels is the newest series in Bigfoot and it meets all the needs of a skater who wants a bigger wheel. Bigfoot wheels are best for drop through and a drop-down shape where extra clearance is needed.

This Bigfoot has a super high rebound combined which has a strong spoke core that makes the big score to be classic. They are is four different brand-new longboard wheels. Bigfoot core classic longboard wheel comes with different sizes that is 83mm, 90mm, and 97mm, it also comes with different colors that are red, black and green. The Bigfoot is very cool, their performance is very top. This wheel is very simple to use even if it is big, this is because the wheel width rather slim which allows the slide and pendulum shut down in a pinch.

With Bigfoot wheels, you can choose the favorite color or the one with the riding style that one needs. This Bigfoot wheel has a durometer of 78a which is nice for bump absorption.  This wheel is very firm hence allowing the roll speed as well. Bigfoot cored classic longboard wheel is soft compared to other wheels which allow the rider to be smoother and a quitter and they last for long. They have a weight that you can accelerate through toot and roll very well.


  • The wheel is softer hence the ride will be smoother and quieter
  • They last for long
  • You can be able to slight the wheel if you get ongoing fast
  • Best for a trough and drop-down shapes when extra clearance is needed
  • Comes with the different colors and size


  • It is expensive

2. I WONDER Cloud Wheel Electric Skateboard wheels (Top Rated Skateboard Wheels)

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This cloud wheel electric skateboard wheel is one of the best skateboard wheels for skatepark in the market that one can afford to purchase. This skateboard wheel has a diameter of 120mm hence it can go anywhere you want that is on mud grass concrete or any place you may wish to go. This wheel weighs 0.55kg/pcs. I WONDER cloud wheel has a potential of dumping foam core technology which can filter out the vibrations than any other regular wheel.

This skateboard has a high-quality material that is very suitable for belt motors and other any system but is not suitable for wheel hub motors. This wheel is one of the best skateboards for street. It has a high elastic foam material that is added to the wheels that are distributed and helps to absorb the shocks, which may satisfy various road traffic in any city or mountain.

This wheel is soft, it has a durometer of the urethane is for unparalleled speed which is very smooth and can spin freely. This will help it to roll over the cracks and plumbs, they increase the top speed without change of your gear ratio to compensate. The size of the wheel is bigger than the normal PU wheel which makes your riding unobstructed.   It can also reduce mileage loss which can be caused by wheel deformation. This wheel is safer and strong in all-terrain tires.


  • They can be able to roll over cracks and bumps
  • It has a bigger than normal PU that make you’re riding unobstructed
  • It can reduce mileage loss caused by excessive wheel deformation
  • The wheels are very soft hence smooth ride


  • They have a high rolling resistance

3. MBs All-Terrainn Longboard Wheels

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Best longboard wheels for cruising. MBs All-terrain longboard is wheels that you can trust. They are made up of the finest quality materials. They made to meet and work very well. This skateboard wheel is wide which ride fairly well. It improves as the wheels wear down. This wheel is among all-terrain wheels. It works well in all type of road like dirt and sand and also going downhill but get slippy when carving. Best downhill longboard wheels.

This because the tread pattern which is not very thick, your wheel will have a bald strip down the center of your wheel very fast which will lose traction and more often for slides. This wheel is best for ground clearance hence can ride over most debris in any road. The middle of the strip is the only one touching the ground.

MBs All-terrain longboard has a durometer of 78a which is very soft and a diameter 10mm as such patent is a breeze. This wheel has a high rebound 100m by 65mm treaded longboard which makes it be perfect additional to any longboard MBs All-terrain longboard wheel is good for the beginner. This wheel has a width of 65mm/2.5 and is Available with different colors that are orange, black and blue.


  • It has a super high rebound urethane that up parallel speed
  • One can be able to purchase a wheel with different colors that you may want
  • Best for those who are new beginners
  • It gives the best ride and it improves the wheel wear down


  • Too hard for all-terrain

4. Bones Wheel Rough Rider 80a Skateboard Wheel

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Best budget skateboard wheels. This is one of the best skateboard wheels for rough streets with high qualities. It is found in our current market. Bones wheel rough rider has a diameter of 80a. The skateboard is made of rough surfaces streets and it requires a rough rider. It is for all-terrain and perfect for cruising on the rough street or roads. It weighs 1 Lbs and also has a higher performance. Bones wheel is the cheapest skateboard wheel in the market and it has the best values. Best cheap skateboard wheels.

Bones wheel can offer the best combination of product performance. This board is very durable. The wheel has a unique formula that works very well. This wheel rides smoothly and they are made to grip rough terrain. They roll very fast but 59mm wheel may hold the speed longer unlike 56mm and may accelerate quicker. The wheel has a diameter of 80a which is good for carving up. Best longboard wheels for carving.

This wheel is fun to ride, the wheels are perfect comb of a hard enough to do trucks and even softer enough to be quiet and offer a smooth ride. This wheel has a strong core. The bone wheel is suitable for cruisers and even longboards. It has a width of 40mm which helps it to function very well. This wheel has a warranty that gives the purchaser the assurance of the product. This wheel has a durometer of 80a.


  • It has a perfect cruising on rough street or roads
  • It is durable hence they last for long
  • They come with a warranty
  • They have a low price
  • Made up of high-quality material


  • Not suitable for beginners

5. Skitch Complete Skateboard Gift set

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Best skateboard wheels for speed. Skitch complete skateboard wheel the best skateboard wheels for bowls. This wheel can turn sharp corners very well, this wheel can have easy maneuverability as compared to another longboard. This skateboard provides much stability compared to other boards. This skateboard is a great option for any lightweight. Skitch complete skateboard is very perfect for the beginners.

It is very adjustable with a safer speed for beginner and even small children and it very easy to carry that why is the best skateboard in the market today. It has an awesome advantage this is because it has a top-quality bearing and a smooth ride for teens and even adult men and women. This skateboard one can be able to get any style that may fit you.

This skateboard has a unique quality and design. It has a high traction gel skateboard wheel which is a smooth carving board and a style skateboard track for a classic vintage ride feel. Skitch complete skateboard has a guarantee of satisfaction with a design one will be able to enjoy the riding. This skateboard has a warranty that will always make the purchaser to be assured.

This skitch complete skateboard comes with a lovely color. This board is designed to roll fast and you will be able to control the slow and safe speed for those who are beginning and you may have a lot of fun. You can adjust the bearing to the desired speed and adjust the truck to fit cruising.


  • Best for the beginners
  • Has high-quality designs
  • One can be able to control the speed
  • It’s very flexible
  • Comes with different colors
  • It rolls very fast


  • Not for beginner kids

6. Ricta Wheels Cloud 92a Skateboard

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Best skateboard wheels for rough roads. Ricta is another best option that one can choose in the market. This is soft skateboard wheels. This skateboard is best for street deck. They have a soft wheel that has a better shape and size of the standard skate wheel. Ricta wheel has a warranty. This wheel has an awesome design. Ricta wheel has a grip that is a holder on outdoor metal ramps that can get dusty and become unpredictable slick. This skateboard can get over small cracks or even the metal plates.

Ricta is designed with a wheel for the rough street. The wheel is nice because they are between soft and hard wheel hence you can slide and even revert like any hard wheel while they can be slowed down from rolling function. If you’re used in ridding the wheel will be excellent for street and get through mild rough concrete, unlike the beginners.

The wheel is very big and wide compared to other wheels. Ricta wheel gives a smooth ride. The wheel eats rocks and rough pavement or bumps much easier compared to other wheels and it does not lose much speed. Ricta wheel has an outstanding grip and this wheel cloud is best for cruising, this is best for riding on rough roads and you will feel as if your riding on a smooth road hence you will go fast. They are best for tricks.


  • Has a good wheel for rough skating
  • Best with an outstanding grip
  • It offers a smooth ride
  • Has a big and wide wheel
  • Good for cruising


  • Complaints of the wrong size

7. Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard Cruising Wheels

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Best skateboard wheels for bumpy roads. This is another best skateboard that is very simple and has maximum performance. They have a strong and pretty large core. Orangatang kegel wheel has a light and the best speed. The wheel makes it be able to go fast and they are so great this is because they roll forever without traction. The whole is super planted compared to other boards.

This skateboard has a large diameter less wheel and a massive of 88mm tall and 56mm wide and it can be able to roll over in any terrain and offer you the best grip. The urethane is used to prevent you from slipping out of your lane. Due to its large diameter, this skateboard can generate a high rolling speed, while it will allow the versatile balance of traction and slide response.

The outer grip of this skateboard ensures consistent performance when the wheel wear and the inner lips worth traction and predictable drifts. Its shapes also reduce the weight which provides good accelerating and grip slides. This wheel has different colors that are, purple and yellow. It has a high rebound formula hence the wheel can be able to prevent risk. The wheels have different cuts, those cuts are A-cut which is mainly for street skaters and it has a diameter of 50mmto 56mm. The C- Cut is one for transition skaters who is planning to a professional and it has a diameter of 55m to 60mm which is for skating on the ramp, pool or even smooth surfaces.


  • It is best for professional
  • Has a large diameter hence it can roll fast
  • It has a maximum traction
  • Has large supportive core
  • It has an outer grip that ensures consistent performance when the wheel wear
  • It has a urethane which prevents you from slipping


  • Not friendly to the beginners

8. Sunset Skateboard Co. Green 54mm 90a LED Light Street Wheels

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Best longboard wheels for rough roads. This is also one of the best skateboards in our current market. It has a unique design and quality material. It has a glowing green LED street wheel. Each wheel has urethane that brings skateboard life hence functioning very well in both day and night. The wheel has a high-performance shape and its durometer is 90a hence giving the best result you will enjoy. With no battery required sunset LED can be able to light some hours of skating, it also offers the brightest LED in the industry.

Its wheel is self-power off the spinning motion of the wheel. Each of its wheels comes with ABEC-7 carbon steels. This wheel transforms the skateboard into a very lovely flashy, fun and colorful board that every person may enjoy riding it. This makes it be used easily during the night with no struggle. It has a long-lasting LED board. This wheel comes with one green color.

The green wheel has a clear when is lightened up, the bright green comes when riding or skating. Sunset LED has a strong core technology when they are in motion that is the time when the wheel will light up when you spin. Due to the availability of ABEC-7 carbon steel the wheel will ensure a smooth and fast ride. Sunset LED is designed with a fun flashy and it is very easy to ride it on the street or road. The wheel is very perfect for every person no matter the age. It does not matter the color or the size that you will choose.


  • It is easy to ride
  • It has a planted sunset LED wheel core
  • No battery required to charge it
  • It is flashy fun and colorful
  • It can last for long
  • The wheel is self-powered


  • The lights might not work

9. Spitfire Bighead Skateboard Wheels (Good Skateboard Wheels)

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Best skateboard wheels for sliding. This is one of the best boards in the market. It is designed very well and give maximum performance. This board usually comes with seven different colors and designs. They are mostly made in the USA and always come with a warranty to avoid defects from the purchaser. This board is also made with a wide wheel profile and a durometer of 99a hence getting all the maximum speed traction and grip while on the road or street.

The durometer usually makes it perfect for pools and parks too. Spitfire bighead comes with different colors that are purple, yellow, red and blue so you can be able to choose the color of your choice. This board is very popular and is also a spitfire brand. It works very well. This board has a top-quality brand and it has the hardest wheel compared to other boards.

Best skate wheels for street and park. This skateboard is the best for tricks for the professional competition or for those who are showing off complex tricks. The speed of this board is wonderful when it is combined with the right diameter. You should make sure that you choose the right diameter which will depend on the type of your board. They have urethane wheels and also this board is very durable, the board hugs on the ground to avoid slipping out of your lane. This board is perfect for the new beginners.  


  • Durable hence can last for long
  • Warranty available
  • It is perfect for the new beginner
  • It has urethane
  • Comes with different colors that is red, purple, yellow and blue
  • Has a top-quality brand


  • They feel very brittle

10. Spitfire Classic Series 54mm High-performance Wheels

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This is one of the classic series and a well-designed board. This board is designed with a durometer of 99a to 101a which makes it suitable for skating on the ramp, park and even pools. This board has four sets of wheels that function very well, the come from spitfire with different ten colors so you can choose the color of your choice. Spitfire classic series wheel has a diameter of 51mm that make it extra fast and also hard.

The wheels are perfect for most of many situations. This is because it has a classic shape and functioning one hence good for the beginner. The surface of the wheel is very smooth hence less friction compared to many other wheels in the market. This board is very easy to slide.

If you love skating this is best for you. It is also designed with four urethanes, which offers abrasion resistance to flat spots and even gets more grip, lasting speed and also a smooth side which may give you the best skating that everyone may require. Spitfire classic wheel has a classic shape and also one can be able to control the speed while riding. This board offers more speed. They have the finest materials.


  • It has a classic shape and design
  • Its durometer of 99a to 101a
  • They have the finest materials
  • It is designed with urethane that offers abrasion resistance to a flat spot and even gets more grip
  • The wheels are very smooth


  • It does not work with power slide

Things to Consider

When selecting the right skateboard wheel, there are two important things that you should consider. One is the diameter and the other one is the wheel durometer. The diameter of the wheels determines the size of the skateboard. Choosing smaller wheels provides you easy control and it is also simple to turn. On the other hand, bigger wheels provide more speed but they can be hard to do tricks.

The skateboard durometer indicates the hardness of the wheel. If you get a model with soft wheels, they work well on many rugged terrains as well as pebbles. Harder wheels are perfect for surfaces like streets, parks, pool and ramp among others.

best rated skateboard wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

Bigfoot is the 60mm best for cruising?

Yes 60mm is the best tor cruising but 99a durometer is too hard 60-80 durometer will be soft and more enjoyable for one to cruise.

I WONDER CLOUD wheel can it fit on a non-electric longboard?

Yes, they can perfectly fit on a non- electric longboard

Bone wheel are they good for cracks and rocks?

Yes, they are great for going over cracks and rocks but not over any huge cracks

How do 54mm 92 a wheel handle a power sliding?

Those wheels are the best for a great power slice hence the slide smoothly

In spitfire big head the meaning of hardness?

It is a preference that varies for different terrain hence it can work very well.

Does spitfire classic wheel come with bearing?

It one side for each wheel

What are skateboard wheels made of?

You can check our article from here.


They are many things to consider when looking for the best board for street or road. When looking for the best skateboard you must consider the size of the skate this is where you will look at whether the size of the board that can suit you. Also, consider the durometer of the board that you want to purchase make sure the durometer also fit you very well so that you can be able to enjoy skating.

Also, check the diameter of skateboard whether is the one that you are looking for so that you can be able to get the skateboard that is good for you and lastly, you have to consider the weight of board, you have to check the weight whether it will fit you so that you can enjoy the skating.

If you need the best skateboard for the street, I hope you have an idea of the right model. Through my review I’m positive that you will get all the information about the best board for street, you will be able to understand the board which are durable, strong, with high quality and also those come with a warrant to avoid defects to the purchaser

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