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How To Clean Skateboard Wheels | 8 Simple Steps In 2021

How to Clean Skateboard Wheels

Having a cool set of wheels is okay until they become dirty and now everyone starts giving you that `look`. Many are just lazy while some simply have no idea how to go about it. Well, worry not here are some of the simple steps on how to make those babies look all brand new each time you hit the road! Check out the steps on How to Clean Skateboard Wheels.

Dissembling the wheels

These are the most crucial part of a skateboard since they are the ones doing all the work hence, easily clogged with dirt. With the help of a socket wrench, safely twist and remove the nuts off the skateboard binding the wheels to it. Make sure all the parts are placed together to avoid getting lost and out of reach of children to prevent emergency trips to the hospital due to momentous scenarios such as the child swallowed one of the nuts.

 After dissembling the wheels, use an axle again to remove the bearings of the wheels making a bottle opener sort of movement. Watch your fingers we do not want any injuries now do we? A screwdriver can also serve the same purpose. Once again remember to keep all the parts together in a safe place to avoid any unplanned for budgets.

Removing clogged materials

Use your fingers to carefully remove any embedded materials [gravel, tiny sticks or rock] found on the wheels of the board. A rag is most suitable to wipe the surface of the wheels. In a large bucket create a soapy solution and put all the wheels in the bucket to soak for approximately 10minutes. Make sure that when doing this the bearings are not anywhere near the wheels to avoid rusting. 

Cleaning the wheels

Either with a soft-bristled brush or rag gently scrub the wheels and remove any hard-core dirt left on the wheels. Once you are done with this process, use a paper towel to dry off the wheels. Be sure to clean every nook and cranny to remove any dirt that might be trapped either in the inner or outer part of the wheel.

Cleaning Skateboard Bearings

Have the necessary materials (screwdriver, socket wrench or any other instrument that might come in handy) ready for the job as we all know planning is key.

Remove the bearing shields

Be gentle when prying off the shields from the bearings do avoid damaging them and be unable to attach it back on later after cleaning. Bearing is different, some have one shield while others have shields on both sides of the wheels.

Cleansing solution for the bearings

In consideration that the bearings tend to be the most delicate part of the skateboard, the safest choice for the job is citrus cleaner. Alcohol, turpentine or other harsh cleaners can ruthlessly damage your bearings. Using a citrus cleaner, you have two options to either spray the bearings or soak them in the citrus solution. In skate shops, you can also purchase the bearing cleaning kit. Since people have different preferences, here are the steps:

  • Spraying.

Hold the bearings between your fingers and spray a generous amount of the citrus cleaner all over the bearing. The solution will remove any built-up clogged matter easily without damaging any part of the bearing. After the spraying exercise, use a soft rag to dry thoroughly the bearing. 

  • Soaking.

Submerge the bearings in a bowl full of citrus cleaner solution and allow soaking for about 5minutes. Spin the bearings while in the solution to ensure that every part is exposed to the solution. Wipe to dry but consider a hairdryer to prevent rust formation inside the bearings.

Lubricating the bearings

After drying completely, use a lubricant especially on tiny parts since they do most of the movement. Put into consideration that too much lubricant can clog up the bearing. Avoid thick oils such as vegetable oil. Apply only 2 to 3 drops of the lubricant and wipe off the excess lubricant from the outside of the bearings. 

Reassembling and reattaching the bearings and wheels

Insert all the bearings back onto the wheels after all the thorough cleaning. Put the nuts back on the wheels and use the socket wrench to fasten them into place repeating the process on all the four wheels.

Final Words

Depending on how much you use your skateboard, then that is how often you should clean it. However, the pleasure of having a clean and smooth running skateboard is simply gratifying. A clean skateboard a happy you!

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