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How To Do A Wheelie On A Bike For Beginners Step By Step Guide In 2021

How to Do A Wheelie On A Bike For Beginners

If you are a bike riding fan, then you understand how difficult and time-consuming trying to do a wheelie can get. There are a lot of different tricks you can perform on a bike, but a wheelie is mostly the top preference for bikers. Trying to do a wheelie can be fun to do, and it is a sure bet of making a great impression for those who get the chance to watch you. The wheelie is also very handy when riding in harsh terrains and you are required to lift the front wheel or even both to avoid hurdles in your way. Here are some tips on how to do a wheelie on a bike for beginners.

Ensure You Have Full Protective Gear

Protective gear is always top of your to-do list when riding a bike. In this case, full protective equipment includes a helmet, gloves, protective jacket, boots, pants, and a face shield. Learning to perform a bike trick, especially a wheelie, requires full-body protection since you face the risk of falling dangerously. Protecting yourself also proves that you are not reckless, and you are taking your bike-riding seriously.

Choose a Place That Fits Best For Practicing

For a wheelie, you require a lot of space to learn for beginners, especially. It is advisable to find a level ground where you can pull off a wheelie and have a safe landing. Ensure that the road you are practicing on is clear of potholes or bumps and is smooth enough to avoid you getting thrown off your bike. It is another way of ensuring you are safe and free from the likelihood of accidents. 

Put Your Bike into Gear

When you start to put your bike into gear, it can either be low or medium. Start at a slow speed it is advisable for first-time riders or beginners on tricks like how to do a wheelie. Starting at a gear that is too high might make it hard for you to pedal with enough effort to lift your front wheels. You can begin with a low speed of maybe 16 Meters per Hour. It will help you perform a wheelie without a lot of difficulties, and it reduces the landing impact. As you continue, you can adjust your gear to increase the speed that suits your abilities. 

Snap Your Throttle Backwards as You Get To 6000rpm

As stated in the previous step, keep riding at a safe speed and gradually increase it according to your experience and comfort. When your torque becomes significant enough in such a way that the RPM meter reads 6000rpm. In one quick swift motion, pull your throttle back as if you are snapping it to accelerate then lift the front wheel off the ground a bit. Always remember to lean back as you do this to help boost your front wheel, giving you a higher wheel lift. Take caution and do not start by going too high start small, and you will eventually get there. To make pulling back, the throttle a lot easier rotate your hand a little forward and around your throttle before you snap it back. You are to automatically bend your elbow as this helps you lift the front wheel. 

Provide Balance By Moving Around On Your Bike

As soon as you lift the front wheel off the ground, you have to keep it balanced to keep your wheelie moving. To provide this balance, put your body weight backward and make use of the rear brakes and throttle to move your bike slightly forward or backward as required. Shifting your weight towards the back lowers the center of gravity, and this automatically gives balance. For beginners, it is common for your bike to begin ‘looping’ and falling back. To control this hold down rear brakes once, this stops the wheelie from putting you back on the ground safely.

Bring The Front Wheel Down

The last step to giving your wheelie a perfect touch is giving it the perfect landing. To put your front wheel on the ground, lean forward and stay on the throttle until you have landed safely. When you get both wheels on the ground, ease down on the accelerator and start slowing down slowly. In instances when you need to bring the front wheel down quickly, switch off the throttle. Do not accelerate anymore till the bike is almost touching the ground then tap your throttle to give your landing a slightly soft touch.


To any enthusiastic bike rider pulling off a wheelie can turn out to be easy if you follow the steps given. With the right instructions doing a wheelie becomes an easy trick even for beginners. This trick also proves to be useful; it is not just for fun; it is a great technical skill.

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