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How to Do a Wheelie?

Working out a wheelie is a great way to impress people. Moreover, it works miracles, especially with bicycles or motorbikes. Additionally, it is an easy trick to learn. However, if you lack balance, then bike for wheelies can be a difficult trick to master. By correctly pulling your handlebars, positioning your weight, and careful acceleration, then doing a wheelie becomes easy.

The below guide will help you understand how to do a wheelie on a bicycle. It consists of tips and steps that are essential in conducting such activities. Moreover, it enables you to pull out wheelies on any two wheels.

Position The Seat In The Middle

Overbalancing is the biggest problem that comes with doing wheelies. Therefore, to ensure that the activity is successful, you must ensure that the seat of the bike takes the middle position. With the place being in the center, it helps balance your weight and make the wheelie trick more straightforward.

Additionally, when you get more practical, you can consider adjusting the seat to any height you want. Furthermore, changing the seat position ill interfere with your balance. That will give more reason for you to find the right way to work out your balance issues.

Lower The Gears

The first time you learn how to do a wheelie, you need to lower the gears and move slowly. You don’t need to move at high speed as it will bring risks of injuries and accidents. Always consider starting with a low gear. Just like the seat height, you can consider adjusting the gears whenever you feel confident.

Find The Right Location For Practice

It works well if you find the right practicing field. Moreover, it makes work a lot easier as you can easily pull up a wheelie. Doing a wheelie deserves a large area with enough space. Additionally, find a place that you can do the wheelie without having to make too many turns.

Moreover, it is essential to use a grassy ground. It will help prevent injuries if you fall off the bike. Besides, you can also consider gentle uphill inclines. Such fields enhance balancing and leaning backward when doing wheelies. 

Begin Cycling Slowly

Once you get on the bike, ensure that you cycle slowly and work to build up more speed. Ensure that you aim for a pace that is slightly above the walking rate. It works to enhance building up the momentum when pedaling. Additionally, if you become confident, then you can consider doing wheelies at high speed. 

Consider The Two O’clock Position

It’s a position that allows you to cycle with your more muscular leg. Cycle with that foot until you feel that your pedals can easily rotate and you can pull them down with ease. With that position, it becomes easy to accelerate the wheels. If you have problems determining the more muscular foot, then do wheelies and mark out the leg that feels more natural.

Position Your Body

When doing wheelies ensure that you lean backward. It is an excellent position that will help you push down the pedals. When cycling holds the handlebars to enhance pulling the front of the ground, it is a position that marks your first wheelie. It is vital to begin using small wheelies which makes it possible to do wheelies. 

Shift Weight

When the bike is off the ground, then you need to work on shifting your weight. Shifting your weight to find the right balance might be delicate. However, when doing the wheelies ensure that you keep the wheels going. It will help you be able to hold onto the bike for long.

Use Rear Brakes To Put Wheelies On To The Ground

If you feel like you losing balance, then use can use the rear brakes to land the wheels back to the ground. Always try to land the wheelies with much caution. Besides, ensure that the front wheel is on the same side as the bike.

Final Words

Doing wheelies is a lot easy if you consider the right steps. You can become the best if you do the right thing. Besides, you learn something new whenever you try doing wheelies. It is also important to consider protective gear when handling such activities. I hope that the guide was helpful. Let’s move on wheelies!

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