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How To Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels In 2021 (Easier Way)

How to Get Bearings Out Of Skateboard Wheels

When your skateboard wheels are not spinning well, you might feel a lot of discomfort while skating. The reason for this might be that the bearings are worn out. Bearings are small spherical metallic balls found inside the wheels to mount them onto the axles. They make the wheels rotate smoothly. That’s why you need to take good care of them, and in case they get worn out, you can replace them as soon as possible. Read on to find out how to get bearings out of skateboard wheels.

The Tools You Need For

There are several items that you need to collect before you begin the process. To remove the bearings out of your skateboard wheel safely and efficiently, you’ll need the following tools:

  • Leverage
  • Skateboard tool
  • Bearing pusher
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Other items such as fluid, towel, etc

Removing the Bearings 

After gathering the above items, here are the steps that you should follow:

Step 1: Unscrewing the wheels

Some nuts are joining the wheel and the axle. Make an effort to unscrew the nuts found at the axle’s end. You can use a socket wrench or a skateboard tool to do this. Depending on how many bearings you want to replace, you can either remove a few nuts or remove all of them. 

Some skateboards have some bearing shields which also need to be removed. If your skateboard has spacers, you can also remove them and keep them well because you’ll need them when putting your wheels back.

Step 2: Glide the wheel until it reaches the axle’s end 

In this step, the axle is used in prying the bearings to remove them from the wheel. You’ll need to slide the wheel slowly towards the axle’s end. By doing this, the bearings will remain on the axle. Ensure you don’t completely separate the wheel from the axle. 

If you have a skateboard tool with a bearing puller, you can use it rather than the axle. However, if you want to use the bearing puller, you’ll need to separate the wheel completely from the axle. Please do not lose any of the washers; you’ll need them when putting the wheel back, the washers are found between the axle and the wheel.  

Step 3: Pry the Bearings from the Wheel

With the tip of the axle rod in the bearings, use leverage so you can easily pry the wheel off the skateboard truck. The heel of your hands should be on the lowest edge of the exterior of the wheel while your fingers are on the wheel’s top. 

Once the truck is secured, you can use the leverage to pry the bearings off the wheel. You should pull the bearings in one direction, preferably a downward angle. When done well, the bearings will easily pop out, but may not fall off completely. 

You may need to pry in a different direction for the bearings to get out of the wheel completely. The process is similar to that used in removing a lid off a glass bottle. This means you’ll need to be careful and do it slowly so that you don’t damage the bearings unless you want to throw them away and replace them with new ones. 

While using a bearing puller, its tip has to be inserted in the bearing to get the edge hooked. Once it’s hooked, just pull off the bearing, and it will come out of the wheel. 

Step 4: Remove the other bearings

Once you’ve removed the first baring from the wheel, you can go ahead and remove the second one, and the others that you want to remove. You can follow the same procedure described above. Remove the second and subsequent bearings will be a lot easier than removing the first one. Flip the wheel over, then put the axle rod’s tip into the bearing you want to remove. It will be easier to pry the bearing off because the inside of the wheel will be visible. 

What Next?

When it is your first time to remove the bearings from the wheel, it most likely that some bearings will get damaged. Check the bearings carefully and discard those that are damaged to remain with only those that can be re-used. 

You can then clean the ones you want to re-use. Clean the dirt and any debris that might be on the bearings. An old rag or paper towel will come in handy when cleaning the bearings. Once the bearings are clean, you can re-assemble your skateboard’s wheel. Ensure all the spacers and the washed get back to their rightful places. 

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