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How To Longboard Step By Step Guide For Beginners In 2021

How To Longboard

Adventures in the human world are close to a basic need. Just like any other adventurous sport, so is longboarding fun. Many people do not know how to longboard. You might ask yourself how I can learn how to longboard? It is simple. After going through this report, you will be well equipped with the skills you need for longboarding. I have covered some necessary steps to be a pro in longboarding.

Choosing a Board

When choosing the board, it is vital to consider the size of the board. Therefore, a longboard is the best choice for beginners since it provides you with the stability you need when longboarding, unlike a shortboard.

Longboards are designed to suit particular functions. It is therefore recommended that whenever choosing the board, you should keep in mind what you need it for.

Get Safety Gear

Just like any sport you know, longboarding is not risk-free, and accidents can occur at any time. It is thus vital to ensure that you equip yourself with the necessary safety equipment to protect you from injuries. The safety gear that you might need for your skateboarding include the following;

  • Helmets
  • Knee pads
  • Goggles
  • Flat shoes
  • Wrist guards

Longboarding Basics

It is time we focus on what you need to know as a longboard gamer. Read on.

Understand the Type of Riders

In longboarding, there are two types of riders. The goofy and regular rider. It is crucial to know what kind of rider you are.

The regular rider always has his left leg being the one in front while the right foot is the back pushing foot. The goofy rider has his or her right leg being the forward foot while driving with the left. To know which type of rider you are you have to consider the following techniques

  • Slide on a plain surface while barefooted and note the leg that you will use while standing up
  • When someone pushes you without your knowledge, the foot that you will use to hold yourself is your riding foot

You might find that might not be you riding foot, but on a few occasions, it is okay to switch to fit your comfort since your comfort is a priority.

Begin On a Low Stance

To gain control over your longboard as well as getting to know how to improve your longboarding skills correctly, it is crucial to start on a low stance.

Starting on a low stance will not only help in gaining control but also ensures your comfort on your board.

To Push Off

You need to ensure that you move in the forward direction. So, using your back foot on the flat surface, you need to push yourself forward. It is essential to ensure that you are flexible enough on the board so that you do not lose balance when pushing forward.

As soon as you get comfortable moving in a flat region, then it is time to try downhill riding. A slight slope should be suitable for beginners. It would help if you did not push at first until you are comfortable with the speed as you get used to it.


Once you get comfortable pushing forward, then you are eligible to start making turns. Making turns is simple when you can comfortably push forward. Just apply more pressure on one side while shifting your weight in the direction of force, and you will have a perfect turn.

Slowing Down

When longboarding, you need to gain control of your speed, how do you do this? Well, once you drag your pushing leg against the ground, the friction force produced will produce the slow down effect. Carving can also be the right way of controlling your longboarding speed.

To Slide

Pros want to gain more skills and perfect them. Sliding is an essential aspect of longboarding tricks. So, to slide, you have to lean forward, bend your knees a little bit, and with your front foot pointing forward.

After that slide the back foot out of the board with the front foot bend to a point it gains contact with the ground.

Keep Practicing

To keep your skills on point, you need to practice from time to time just like you would have done in any sport.

In conclusion, longboarding is one adventure you cannot afford to miss. It is easy, and also it helps maintain fitness. I hope you have learned how to longboard, and you can now longboard without any difficulty.

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