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Learn How to Play Scooter in Simple Steps For Beginner Guide [ 2021 ]

How To Play Scooter

Scooter is a transport mode for both adults and kids. You should know How to Play Scooter. With a scooter, you are likely to get to your destination faster than when walking. It also guarantees that you will not be stuck on traffic when you are trying to get somewhere on time. Riding on a scooter is also a fun experience, and it helps one to keep in shape.

Additionally, unlike other means of transport, a scooter is healthy, environmentally friendly. However, although it is an inexpensive mode of transportation, riding a scooter is not as easy as it may look like. It requires experience and a lot of practice. If you are looking for a way to play scooter and become a pro in the game, here is a step-by-step guide to getting you started.

Things to Remember

Before you embark on riding a scooter, ensure you have all the safety gears in place. The first thing is to ensure you have appropriate shoes for comfort. Since you will be standing on the scooter, your shoes must have a perfect grip on the surface of the scooter. Additionally, it is essential to avoid wearing baggy clothes while on the move. Loose clothes tend to slow you down as it catches on wind or it may even be caught up in the scooter.

If you are carrying a bag while on the scooter, ensure the bag is tight and secure on your back. Hanging bags can get you off balance quite quickly. Therefore, if you keep it tightly behind your back, getting to your destination will not be a daunting experience.

Learning the Basics

Before getting your scooter for a ride, ensure you understand the fundamental parts and their uses. When you know of particular elements and their uses, it helps build your confidence even before you start riding. Additionally, remember that different scooters have different operating mechanisms. Therefore, you must ensure you take time and study it thoroughly to avoid injuries while on the move.

When you understand the basics of your scooter, it helps you gain confidence even while riding through heavy traffic. If you have someone who can ride it better, have them show you the basics of navigating it through. Know how to apply brakes, how to negotiate corners, and importantly, how to slow down. This will help you commute without fear and with the assurance that you will get to your destination safely.

Different types of scooters

There are three basic types of scooters. Pro scooter, electric scooter, and kick scooter. Each scooter has its rules and regulations, and it’s operated differently from the other.

Kick Scooter

A kick scooter and pro scooter look alike, and they operate almost in the same way. However, when it comes to riding a kick scooter, you must ensure you have all protective gear including biker’s helmet, knee, and elbow pads as well as wrist guards. Once you are safe, find a long stretch on a flat road and ensure the road is clear and free from cracks for a smooth ride.

Place your weak leg at the center of the scooter deck facing forward, bend your knee and lean slightly forward. Ensure to keep your arms firm and grip on the handlebars with both hands. Put the other leg on the ground and push off to propel your scooter forward. Kick to build momentum and increase riding speed.

Once you attain the speed, you require, and you can balance through, place the other foot on the scooter behind the weak one. When it comes to stopping, hit the brakes with the rear foot by stamping on the ground occasionally. Eventually, your scooter will stop, and you will be safe.

Pro Scooter

Pro scooter is a nice and cool one. It allows you to showcase your green skills without having to try too much. Just as the kick scooter, you have to put on protective gear before getting on the road. Put your weak leg on the scooter deck, bend your knee and hold the handlebars with both hands tightly. Push off using the strong foot to start propelling your scooter and accumulate speed.

Unlike the kick scooter, building momentum with a pro scooter requires you to straighten the bent leg and keep kicking your foot onto the scooter. This will build speed and help you maintain balance throughout your ride.

When you get to your destination and want to stop, hit the brakes gradually slow down and eventually your scooter will stop. This will minimize the risks of losing the balance of falling when you get to your destination.

Electric Scooter

An electric scooter is becoming popular, and most people are turning into riding scooter since their introduction on the market. This type of scooters is competitive in terms of speed and flexibility. With an electric scooter, you are sure that you will spend almost the same time to get to your destination as when riding on a car.

Before you start riding your scooter, ensure that it is fully charged to avoid stopping while in the middle of your journey. Ensure that you at least charge your scooter once every week for a few hours to keep the riding experience smooth.

Wear protective gear for safety purposes. The electric scooter allows you to travel for a longer distance without kicking to accumulate speed. An electric scooter also enables you to put on a stance that wouldn’t have been possible while riding pro or kick scooters. Additionally, unlike other scooters, where you hit brakes using your legs, here you apply brakes pressing your left thump. However, similar to the others ensure to apply brakes gradually to avoid stopping the scooter at once.

How to Play Scooter For Beginner Guide

Bottom Line Of How to Play Scooter

Playing scooter is a skill that is effective and helps build muscles and keeps you active. It also helps you remain vibrant and healthy, unlike using other channels of commuting. However, before you are ready to get your scooter on the road, ensure you have everything in place to keep you safe. Lastly, while scooting on pavements, keep watch on other road users and consider their interests in using the road too. Have the courtesy to slow down.

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