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How To Ride A Penny Board In The Right Way For Beginners Tips Of 2021

How To Ride A Penny Board

We are never born with any knowledge. We find things, learn about them and get to know how to operate them. Same as riding a penny board, no one is born knowing how to ride a penny board. But for you, you are privileged that we have some tips to help you understand how to ride a penny board like a pro. After reading this report, you will have the advice you need to ride a penny board without any challenge.

What Is A Penny Board?

This is a crucial question of the mind, and you need to know what a penny board is. Penny board is a shortboard of the skateboarding family manufactured by the penny brand.

How To Ride A Penny Board

After having known what it is that we are dealing with, it is time for a step by step guide on how to ride a penny board.

Foot Positioning

Since the penny board is short, unlike the longboard, it is essential to ensure your feet gets an exact position on the board. Why this? It is because the board is made in such a way that there is no so much room for your feet. This can be achieved by understanding your stance quite well, whether you are a goofy or regular rider, ensure that the foot placed in front guarantees your comfort while riding.

It is important to note that placing your foot on the bolts would give you a perfect stance for riding.

Balancing And Getting Moving

It would be best if you mastered the art of riding a penny board, and one of the critical factors to consider is balance. The secret to proper balancing on a penny board lies on the knee. All you need to do is bend your knee so that more force is projected towards the penny board and achieve your balance.

Being the intricate part, you should avoid any problem associated with balancing. It is thus advisable that beginners should start on a flat leveled ground. Once your proficiency with your foot hanging off the board is comfortable, then it is time you get it back on the board when you attain a slow pace. To create more space, you can place your leg in a horizontal position which can as well help you to gain control over the carving of your board.

Slowing Down The Speed

Now you can comfortably move your penny board, but how about stopping it or slowing down. There are two methods this process can be achieved.

  • Foot Braking

    – the most appropriate method to stop a penny board is by foot. With the uniform motion as the pushing force, you can drag your foot against the ground, and the friction will stop the board from moving.

  • Jumping Off

    – another choice to stop a penny board is jumping off. Once you jump off, you need not worry about the moving board. It is durable, therefore, cannot be easily damaged.


A penny board might be complicated to set, and the one simple way is by loosening a particular nut that typically tightens the trucks of the board this will enhance quick turning of the board. There are two main ways in which you can turn your penny board.

One of the ways to turn a penny board is by applying force on the direction you wish to turn to. For a right turn, you have to press your toes hard on to the board while for a left corner you need to retreat back a little bit without interfering your balance on a penny board.

The second and last turning option is kicktail. Unlike shifting your weight, kicktail seems to be a bit more complicated. With kicktail you need to press the back of the penny board gently while reducing the force in the front until the front wheels are off the ground, by doing so, you can now turn the penny board to any direction of your choice. The kick turn should be done at a stopped position initially.

In conclusion, it can be easy to ride a penny board. With this report, it can be suitable for newbies as well as pros when improving their riding skills. Now that you have gone through this report, I believe you have now understood how to ride a penny board like an expert, so let us have fun.

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