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How To Ride A RipStik Step By Step For Beginners Of 2021

How To Ride A RipStik

You probably have recently bought a Ripstik and you would like to know how to ride a ripstik. Or maybe you are planning to buy one and you have no idea of riding it. This can be stressful but you need not worry. This is because this guide is going to explain to you how to ride a Ripstik.

If you have been reactant to buying a Ripstik because you don’t know how to ride. After this guide, you will find yourself interested to buy one. Riding a Ripstik is a simple thing all you need is to follow the instructions. Which we will see below.

Follow the instructions below and all will be well.

Requirements for a proper ride

Here is a list of essential requirements for a safe ride.

  • A helmet
  • A well-functioning Ripstik
  • Proper safety gear
  • Knee pads
  • Waist pads
  • Elbow pads

All these requirements are necessary for safety purposes. Especially the pads are essential in case you fall while riding. This will help reduce injuries.

Preparing for a ride

  • Check first whether the Ripstik is working.
  • Double-check the helmet’s condition.
  • Check the specific pads as needed. (The pads are not a must but are very important in case of an accident)
  • Choose a suitable place to ride your Ripstik

Simple steps to follow to ride you Ripstik

After confirming that you have all the requirements and proper preparation. Here is a step by step procedure to ride your Ripstik.

  • Now buckle the helmet and the knee, elbow, and wrist pads for safety.

    When riding the Ripstik it is most likely you will move at high speeds. This shows the potential of falling or hurting yourself. To prevent hurting your head, legs or arms the helmet and the paddings will work.

  • Balance yourself on the board

    At this step, you will need to make sure you balance yourself on the board. If possible ask a friend to help you out, this will be much easier and faster. Another option is leaning on a wall until you are well balanced.

  • Then place your Ripstik on a flat, smooth surface.

    To start to find a flat and well-paved surface. This can be a driveway, sidewalk or an empty driving place. Place it on the ground in such a way it rests on its side. While the board should face you and the wheels away from you.

NB: Always avoid riding on areas with bumps, cracks, water or any other destructor/obstacle.

  • Place your non-dominant foot on the front of the board (the narrow front part of the board also called nose).

    By non-dominant foot, we mean the foot that is perpendicular to the board. If the right foot is the dominant foot then the left foot will be the non-dominant foot and vice versa.

The larger end of the board is the tail.

  • Start by pushing off with your dominant foot and then place it on a tail.

    After one of your foot is on the nose, use the other one to gain momentum. Then move your foot in one quick motion so that you can get the balance. At this point, both your foot should be well centered on respective ends.

If you find yourself struggling to get the balance to try pushing off with more force. Then you immediately move your foot on the board faster.

Reposition your feet in case they are not well centered. This is to be able to control the board.

  • As you move try to maintain your balance as the board moves.

    It is easy to remain on the Ripstik once the board starts moving. Ensure you adjust your weight as you let the board glide forward. Always keep your feet centered as you ride.

  • Step off the Ripstik when you want to get off

    – All you need is to take off your dominant foot from the board. Followed by the non-dominant foot.

Practice this over time and you will find it to be simple and fun.

Measure to ensure you have a safe ride

  • Remember a Ripstik is in many ways does not like a skateboard.
  • Avoid riding in places with many vehicles or obstacles.
  • Additionally, avoid areas with sloppy terrains.
  • Never ride uphill until you are sure you are a pro.
  • Always ensure you concentrate on the Ripstik and the way ahead.
  • Replace the wheels frequently if they get worn out.

Those are the simple ways on how to ride a Ripstik. All will be well if you keep note of the instruction. All the best in your riding experience.

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