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How To Ride A Wheelie On A Dirt Bike Beginner Tips For 2021

How To Ride A Wheelie On A Dirt Bike

The rate at which the number of people purchasing dirt bikes tells the love most people have towards dirt bikes. Right from childhood, most people have a dream of owning the best bike. This is due to several factors like performing crazy stunts, participating in sports, while some prefer to be counted among the part of a growing trend. 

Who else doesn’t want to make fun and engage himself or herself in these activities? The challenge comes here whereby most people lack skills on how to handle these bikes or even their wheels. Riding a wheelie is not all about looking cool, it usually comes on the trail while biking your dirt bike. Getting over obstacles requires the right manoeuvre.

Tips On How To Ride A Wheelie On A Dirt Bike

To wheelie, this bike is about finding your steadiness and be at a point of equilibrium. Learn and master on balancing the throttle and be friendly. Put your right foot over the rear brake, this will be used in case you go beyond equilibrium point thus bringing the front back down.

Now that you have learnt riding your dirt bike, for you to improve your skills, follow these techniques. These mechanisms are useful for both the beginners and pros.

Place for training

You should train yourself on open ground to perform your first wheelie. A long and straight field is more preferable. Also a grassy or sandy area suits for training or practising process especially for beginners. This will save the bike plus you from damage or even abrupt tragedies.

Throttle controls

Ensure that your throttle controls move efficiently without getting stick.

Be confident

On how much power you apply, otherwise, you will end up flipping off.

Ensure your feet are on the ground during the starting process

This will help you as the rider to maintain balance by lowering the centre of gravity. Besides, it helps to keep your bike at a steady position incase it goes off.

It’s advisable to cover up your back break using the right foot during the wheeling process. It helps when one loses control which will enable you to hit the brakes and bring the bike back down. 

Ensure your back brakes work well before you start riding.

Depending on the power applied at the beginning of your wheelie, you may be required to use your weight to start your wheelie. But if the dirt bike you have has enough and required power as per your needs, the first blip should bring the front up.

Start riding using second or third gear

This technique usually maintains a speed that keeps you on the best track, it keeps you on the required power hit. You are not required to lug it while rolling the throttle.

Stand and bend your knees slightly

Experts say that this is the best position of starting popping or riding a wheelie. Ensure you are away from the balls of your feet. This helps you to balance.

The more you practise the more you get experienced

It’s advisable to work your way up to the steady position. It’s not easy to get it right during the first try but as you practise, you will eventually get the best. 

The best way of performing through a dirt bike, first be able to ride a dirt bike. If you are a beginner, make sure you are aware of the basic concepts of riding. Once you are comfortable, try a wheelie. To be sincere it’s cool and fun while riding a wheelie. Once accomplished, I assure you will be the best.

Standing and sitting

Wheeling can be done either while standing or sitting on your dirt bike. The experts say standing enables the user to easily control the wheelie. For the beginners, for one to get the right throttle power, he or she is advised to the wheel while seated. Remember, sitting keeps you back on the bike and boosts the chance of looping out.


The best way of impressing your people or showing off like a pro is through riding a wheelie on a dirt bike. The said above are the proper ways that will protect you from harm and look like a goon. The easiest and quick way to master is through opening the throttle.

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