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How To Roller Skate Backwards [ Best 10 Steps For 2021 ]

How To Roller Skate Backwards

Roller skating takes a lot of practice to master. Learning how to roller skate backwards takes even more incredible practice. Skating backward is every skater’s dream. And to achieve this, you need to be confident in your skill to glide forward. You must learn all the basics of skating, and then you can move on to learning how to glide backward. Below we shall guide you through different roller skating tips and how you can roller skate backward.

How to roller skate backwards

Step 1

Wear protective gear. Before you start skating, make sure that you are fully protected and safe. Wear a helmet on the head, knee pads on each knee plus elbow pads on each elbow. This will keep you safe because you are bound to fall a few times.

Step 2

Lace-up your skates. Start with the bottom and go on upwards. Make sure that your laces go beneath the first eye holes and then criss-cross over each other to the top of the skate. Remember to pull the laces tight so that they don’t loosen when you are skating.

Step 3

Start with skating forward. Before you attempt to skate backward, you must be good at skating forward. You must be confident in your capability to slide forward. You should be able to find your balance and increase your speed without losing control.

Step 4

Make a v shape with your feet. Only when you are confident skating forward, you can then start to practice skating backward. Make your toes touch together and your heels apart.


If you are uncomfortable, you can bend your knees a little and make the v shape.

Step 5

Push your heels apart and bring them back together. If you can make a wider gap, it will be faster, and you will be able to glide longer backward. Once your heels meet together, make the v shape again and repeat the process.

Step 6

Glance over your shoulder regularly as you move so that you see where you are going. Remember not to lean back as you glance over your shoulder. If you do so, you will fall.

Step 7

Make sure to increase the length of your Strokes as you continue to pick up speed when moving backward. When your ankles are spread at a wider angle, you will be able to generate more momentum.


Don’t increase your speed or the width of your heel spread until you are comfortable and confident. You will have to do lots of practice before you get there. Also, skate in a place you are satisfied with, and if you fall, know that everyone else has been through it already.

Step 8

As you practice backward skating, switch to forward skating as well. Move your weight to the left foot and at the same time, lift your right foot and use it to swing yourself at 180°. Turn the right foot two face forward and then push off. Make sure that you don’t turn around at the waist. Instead, your hips and core should be aligned as a u-turn.

Step 9

You need to practice and learn how you can turn left and right as you glide. When setting left, bend your body a little to the left. When you want to turn to the right, slightly bend to the right.

Step 10

Practice how to stop. If you are a beginner, use the knee pad to stop. Lower your knee slowly to the ground to stop. Alternatively, you can use the toe stop switch on the right of the right side roller skate. When using that toe brakes, scissor the legs one backward and the other forward. Then lift the heel of your right leg and applies pressure to the toe to stop.

how to roller skate backwards for beginners

Common mistakes when roller skating backward

There are several errors that people do while roller skating backward, especially when you are new to the game. These include the following.

The most significant error for most beginners is fear. The fact that you are unable to see where you are going is scary.

Looking downward as you glide backward.

Moving the feet on the ground instead of lifting them.

Not moving the feet in the right skating position.

People tend to lean forward while skating backward.

What to avoid when roller skate in backward

Avoid learning to skate on your own

Try to fit in a group of experienced backward skaters. This helps you learn faster due to the support base you will have around you. You can join a skating club to get proper lessons on how to skate backward and general roller skating tips.

Avoid wearing roller skates that are not of your feet size

Choose roller skates that fit you perfectly (not too big or not too small)/ they will be very comfortable, and you won’t suffer from blisters and friction. If you have kids, you can buy them adjustable roller skates.

Avoid skating without protective gear

It is very reasonable to fall when roller skating. Make sure that you always carry and wear your protective gear to avoid getting injured. As your practice backward roller skating, you will fall quite often until you master your balance and speed.

Avoid skating without knowing how to brake

Learning how to brake can enable you to control your speed. This is important because it will eliminate the risks of being injured. As you learn how to move faster, you must also be able to brake when necessary.

Frequently asked question

How do you go backward on roller skates?

Do so by making a v shape with your toes inward and heels apart. Bend your knees and keep the heels apart. Slowly start to glide How To Roller Skate Backwards.


All you have to do first to master backward roller skating is eliminate fear and be confident. You should know that falling is part of the whole process and endeavor to keep on practicing. We hope this guide has given you the best roller skating tips, and you are now ready to begin backward roller skating.

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