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How To Stop On Inline Skates?

The joy and fun of riding inline skates are getting better control and speed. On top of that, you should also know how to stop on inline skates. There are several methods that you can adopt when you want to stop on inline skates. I will take you some tips so that you can know these methods better and choose the one you find right.

How To Stop On Inline Skates Step By Step

  • Using Brakes

As brakes used to make the stop, you can use brakes to stop inline skates that attached to the rear of one end or sometimes at both of the ends of the wheels. Before using the brakes, you need to reduce the speed you are skating at. Then to apply the brakes, bend your knees and ensure your back is straight. This will lower your center of gravity and reduce your chances of falling. Finally, make the brake forward and proceed on skating with the toe of your brake skate.

  • Without Brakes 

Stopping inline skates without brakes is not as easy as using brakes. It needs your skills, special moves, and adequate space. You also have to practice more and be good at skating to reduce the chances of accidents and injuries. Your entire body parts like a foot, knees, toes, hands are working together to make the inline skates stop happen.

In this method, we use three different techniques to stop inline skates without brakes. These are; the heel break, plow stops, and T- stop. Each of those methods will need different skills, body positions, and adequate skating space. Here below are some explanations of those methods.

  • Plow Stop

The first method to stop on inline without a break is a plow stop. In this method, make your toes to form reversed V shape passion. Put your body in a seating position. It helps your weight to push down to stop the inline skates. Lastly, pull your toes together and then pull your skates forward to make a stop. Plow stop technique is easy if you have skated on an icy area before because the experience will help you to stop on inline skates 

  • T- Stop

 T-stop is the easy way to make your skates shoes stop. It will be applicable where other methods are not easy to use or not available.  It is not difficult not to learn.  As the name suggests, make your body in a T shape position. This will help to make your arms and leg in a straight position. Apply downward pressure using your foot to stop. Use this method when your path is very narrow for other stops, on a wet place, when you are skating at high speed and when you are not good with other methods.  

  • Heel Brake

 The heel brake is the primary among others in inline skates stops. Most of the time, it recommended for beginners. In this method, bend your arms knees at the same time in a parallel way. This helps you to balance your legs, Lift your toes as you move forward your braking foot. It also keeps your skate’s collateral and then slowly hit the ground. For the heel break method to be effective, you need sufficient space around you. 

How To Stop On Inline Skates Tips You Should Know When Stopping

You need to know how to pick inline skates. On top of that, there are other essential tips that you should also know. Here are some helpful tips you have to remember when you stop on inline skates with or without brakes

–    Always try to avoid lining on other objects around you

–    check and avoid anything that will hinder your smooth skatings like rough grounds, cars, animals, and children.

–    Always balance your entire body parts, especially like legs, toes, knees, and hands.

–    Decide the right place to stop on inline skates and choose the legs to start with.

–    Slow down your speed and apply the brake slowly, then stop your inline skate.


Nowadays, skating is becoming one of the sporting events and recreation activities, especially for young people. It used mostly as a leisure activity, and it can also cause serious injuries and accidents if you do not follow proper instructions and guidelines, especially when stopping. As mentioned above, you can stop on inline skates with or without brakes using different skills techniques. Use the methods properly, avoid any injuries, and enjoy your skating.

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