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How To Use Inline Skates For Beginners [ Best Tips For 2021 ]

How To Use Inline Skates For Beginners

Are you a rollerblading fan? Are you looking for some beginner tips to help you understand how to use inline skates for beginners? Well, this is the right place to learn how to begin. Inline skating is a popular sport that is recognized worldwide. It is also used as a source of exercise, for people who would like to keep their body fit. So, if you have just bought your very first pair of inline skates, check out this guide if you want to know not only how to make good use of them but also some of the most important safety tips. Here is a comprehensive inline skates tips guide.

Get and Put On Appropriate Safety Gear

Skating can expose you to injuries. The risk is higher if you are a beginner and if you do not put on the right safety gear. Many people skate without any safety gear, but that may be because they are experienced and confident about their skill level. But still, accidents can happen, and wearing safety gear can protect you a great deal when it happens. As a beginner, it is appropriate to put on the right safety gear.

Begin by getting yourself an appropriate helmet, which is the most important of them all. It will help protect your head from injuries when you fall. The helmet should have an adjustable chin strap. Likewise, you need, among other things, wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads. With each of these safety gear, make sure that they fit snugly.

First Practice Space

You do not have to be a pro in it to enjoy free rolling pair of inline skates on a clear day. Practice can always make you perfect. Even professional skater started somewhere. They were once armatures too. However, through practice and after they worked on their skills for some time, they were able to get to the top of the skill-chain. For your first practice, you need to find an empty and flat area. The area should also be dry and safe for practice. There are many such places anywhere. You just need to search for a place that meets the above-mentioned specifications.

Begin With the Basics

You need to start with the simplest things like standing and balancing on wheels. While next to a wall, you can ask someone to help you stand then support yourself by holding the wall. While someone is helping you to stand with your inline skates, you should also learn to do it on your own. To do it the right way, you have to keep your feet at least a few centimeters apart. Make sure that your feet are pointing in a v-position. Also, keep your knees slightly bent so that you will not immediately fall to the ground.

Alternatively, you can begin by kneeling on the floor with your body in an upright position. Then with your hands pressed on the floor, slightly carry your weight with the hands and raise your right foot to rest its weight directly on the wheels. When the wheels are firmly and directly below the right foot, brace yourself by holding the wall then stand up on that right foot until the left foot is resting on its wheels flat on the ground. You may stand tentatively and even wobble a bit but you will for sure balance well enough.

The First Steps

Your first time on skates will feel like standing on extremely slippery ground. You get the feeling that you can slip and fall. Therefore, you will be trying to balance your weight evenly just to avoid falling. As you try not to fall, you will be learning how to balance on skates. When you can now balance and stay balanced, you should try to take one step at a time.

You should not do it too fast. Instead, be patient and do it slowly so that you do not lose the balance. Also, you should try skating in a v-walk position. In this position, you put your feet in a V position with the toes pointed inwards. Then you move one foot forward then another and you repeat the sequence.

Glide Gentle and Slow

Once you have mastered the basics, and you can walk steadily with your skates, the next thing that you should learn is how to glide. It is as simple as pushing the first foot forward to begin gliding. The trick is simply to put your first foot forward and shift some weight on that particular foot, then repeat the same process with the other foot.

Always focus on balance for each of your legs and find where it feels more comfortable. Continue practicing until balancing feels like it is happening naturally. You know you have passed the beginner mark when you feel like you are balancing yourself unconsciously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your inline skates for beginners?

You begin by learning how to stand on skates. Then you learn how to balance on skates. Once you have learned these two concepts, you learn how to glide freely.

Which skating shoes are best for beginners?

There are plenty of amazing skates for beginners. Some of the most popular models include Roces Dodge, Rollerblade Spiritblade, and Bladerunner Formula 82. These are just three of the best even though there are many others that would suit beginners just fine.

Are aggressive skates good for beginners?

Aggressive skates are better left for the professionals. They are a little bit too intense use inline skates for beginners.

Final Verdict

Stopping while skating is an important trick that you should learn too. Learning how to skate will not be complete without knowing how to stop in an emergency situation. Even though to can always stop by crashing into an obstacle, you may get injured by the impact. The brake pads are often located at the back of the skates. Engage them by lifting the toe of the skates a little bit. Also, to get better at this game, you need to practice more and more until you feel like you do not have to struggle to skate correctly.

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