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How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike Step By Step Guide In 2021

How To Wheelie A Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are well approved and have a high cycling demand. As this new technology mechanism is implemented and spreads at a high rate, wheeling safely is a key concern. As this machine makes a great share of the current bicycle market, users should learn about how to handle this kind of bikes. Do you own a mountain bike or would you like to purchase one, but you don’t have skills on how to wheel it? Well, this guide has highlighted several tips and mechanisms on how to wheelie a mountain bike.

Techniques Of Wheeling A Mountain Bike

Prepare properly 

  • Wear protective clothes

Before you start training or riding mountain bikes. It’s advisable to wear protective clothing like helmet, pads, and gloves. This protects you from injuries in case of any. This clothing will make you feel safe thus making you more confident to pop a wheelie. Besides, your friends will respect and show that you are not such a reckless person when it comes to mountain bike sector.  

  • Lower your saddle

 It’s desirable to put your saddle at the lowest point possible. Scientifically, a low seat lowers the center of gravity thus increasing stability as well as balance. The upper body of your body will move forward and backward easily and smoothly for better control.

  • Use clip fewer pedals

Flat or clipless pedals are the best for wheeling mountain bikes. This ensures that the user doesn’t pull on the pedals. Doing a mono is all about pushing and pulling on the pedals smoothly.

  • Position of handlebars

The user’s handlebars should be closer and higher to you by shortening the stem. This increases the stability and handling of your machine without any error.

  • Getting in the right gear

This depends on the strength of your leg. Choose either low to medium gear. Find the right medium that will enable you to keep pedaling efficiently and comfortably after the whole process of wheeling. If the cog is too low, you may pedal for approximately 2 to 3 hours quickly unaccompanied by getting the required power.

On the other hand, when the gear is too high, the pedaling process will be too slow and difficult for the said period. When you lift the front wheel it will be difficult to pedal through for you to maintain the process.

Attempting The Pedal Wheel

  • Choose the terrain that suits your ability.

Begin practicing on a well-leveled field in case of a fall. Do testing before you start the wheeling process. If you are confident enough, find a concrete or uphill dirt path.

  • Adjust the seat to a better position.

The lower the position of your seat, the better the center of gravity. Ensure you sit firmly without slipping off the back.

  • Set the cranks between 11 to 5 o’clock position

 This allows you to drive faster into your initial pedaling. 

  • Shift your weight forward

This enables you to load the spring towards the front to add force for backward movement that will follow.

  • Be at an angle back to the rear wheel

 It’s advisable to be done at a fast and sharp rate to give a strong pedal stroke. Continue pedaling at the required rate to evade from a backward fall. Maintain your fingers on the rear brake. This increases your safety measures during the wheeling process.

  • Control both sides thus increasing steadiness at the same time. 
  • Align the front wheel before lowering it down.

Do not lean it far forward, it’s recommendable to shift your weight to the center position.

The Approach

Bend your elbows slightly and begin in a naturally comfortable position. 

Popping A wheelie

When the power pedal of your bike gets about 2 o’clock, this forces you to push down to 5 o’clock.

If you want to blow up your upper part of the body, either upwards or backward at the same period, pull the handlebars upwards.

Maintain your weight while still seated as well as keep your arms straight. This will stabilize and lower the center of gravity. Ensure your weight holds the front wheel.


Doing wheelies it’s quite cool to show your colleagues but remember this machine is made of advanced technology. Ensure you stay safe. The main aim of this review is of enabling you to wheel safely and accurately. Ensure you have all protective measures. Have fun and stay safe.

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