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Raleigh Cadent 3 Review In 2021

Raleigh Cadent 3 Review

Raleigh cadent 3 is a kind of bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications. This kind of bike will provide stability, comfort, and ease of use, for these reasons this bike getting popular day by day with a casual rider, commuters, and children.

The hybrid bike is not a normal regular bike, it is actually a mixture between a road bike and a mountain bike. This kind of hybrid bike is also called a town or city bike.

Good quality Raleigh cadent bike will be little bit heavier than the average road bike. By the way hybrids, the bike is lighter than the typical mountain bike.

Specially hybrids bike has the flat, straight handlebar and upright seating like a mountain bike, which many riders find comfortable. Hybrid also features lighter weight, thinner wheels, and smooth tires of road bikes, allowing for good speed and less exertion when riding on the road.

The Best Raleigh Cadent 3 Review


In hybrids bike, the most important thing is the breaking system. Hybrid is actually a mixture between a road bike and a mountain bike.

As this bike can go through the busy road and also mountain then most of the time you may face rough road or trail in that time you need brake most.

Can you imagine you are going through a busy road or mountain rough road without a good braking system?

If something jumps in your way then maybe you will be in trouble.

In this Raleigh cadent 3 hybrid bike has tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes with 160 mm rotors. This brake is good enough for a hybrid bike. You don’t need to be worried about any condition this will provide better braking and work better in wet or muddy conditions.


A hybrid bike will provide a little wide tire then the normal road bike. Actually This tire will be wider than a road bike and narrow than the usual mountain bike.

You may want to know why this bike tire narrow than the usual mountain bike right? Ok, then the answer is for better speed.

This bike will provide kenda kwick tendril, 700*75c tire which is perfect for a hybrid bike.


The Raleigh cadent 3 bike frame is called a relaxed geometry. Because it is designed to position the rider in a more upright riding posture.

Most of the company used aluminum for the hybrid bike frame. Actually this aluminum is the most common material used for hybrid frames.

Aluminum makes product light, durable, strong for all of this reason aluminum frame is popular and productive. This bike made with Raleigh butted aluminum which makes it strong, durable, and also lightweight.

More About Raleigh Cadent 3 Review

The total weight of this bike is around 270lbs. This bike has to relight carbon disc, aluminum settler fork which is better at absorbing shock when you go off-road.

Rimes of this bike are Weinmann XC180 which is good with 14 gm stainless steel spokes also has Shimano crankset.

For this kind of bike which is good at road also good at the mountain, you need a good quality chain which makes it faster and smoother. This bike has 48/36/26 w/ chainguard.

The front derailleur of this bike is Shimano Altus and the rear derailleur is Shimano Acera. Rear cogs are Shimano 9 speed 11-32. Also, Shimano Altus has shifter.

The handlebar of this bike is made of kalloy aluminum. The grips are made with Raleigh comfort which will give you enough comfort while riding.

Saddle of selle royal shadow w/scuff guards will ensure you stay comfortable no matter what the day brings.


  • Sit more upright
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Wider tire offer greater control
  • Disc brake
  • Reliable machines


  • Overall good for road and mountain but not best at once

Raleigh cadent 1 review

The Raleigh cadent 1 bike is from the famous Raleigh brand. This brand is a true champion. You can ride this bike on the road like a champion.

It is a hybrid bike that provides comfort and performance to the riders who like the stylish commuter bike. There are many different hybrid bikes available in the market but cadent 1 is totally different one with a simple feature.

Raleigh cadent 2 review

This Raleigh cadent 2 is a sporty hybrid bike with a mid-price point. If you are looking for a bike that is for urban commutes, weekend rider, kids, or light trail riding then this is for you.

The bright green color of this bike make it more beautiful. With disc brakes, strong frame, flat handlebars this bike will offer both speed and comfort for the most rider.

Raleigh cadent 4 review

If you are planning for a cross-town trip to work or all-day adventure country road then Raleigh cadent 4 is the perfect riding partner for you.

The hydraulic disc brakes of this bike provide ample stopping power. This bike is built with a more comfortable, relaxed attitude. Designed for men and women with straight bars that greatly improves comfort without sacrificing performance.


How much does a Raleigh bike weight?

It depends on the bike model, But the weight of Raleigh bike approximately 23 kg.

Are Raleigh bikes made in China?

The raleigh are actually Japanese, which is made in Taiwan and china

How good are Raleigh bikes?

This is relatively affordable in comparison to other brands. It is such a good bike which is lightweight but very smooth. It is a very good bike still competes with more expensive bikes.

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