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What Are Skateboard Wheels Made Of 2021

What Are Skateboard Wheels Made Of

The history of what are skateboard wheels made of dates back to the 1900s. They were first made of steel which was highly unstable and offered no traction at all. Advances on the skateboard led to an advancement in its wheel design bringing about the clay-made wheels. To date, the progress has brought about a new material that is urethane and sizes that differ depending on your preference. This guide will enlighten you about what skateboards wheels are made of. The wheel components are;

  • Material
  • Sizes
  • Shapes
  • Hardness
  • Cores
  • Colour


Skateboard wheels have two solid plastic polyurethane components that are heated and mixed in a specific ratio. This material commonly referred to as just urethane is of excellent quality. The stable polyurethane has a high density that makes it almost a flat spot resistant. When the wheel turns during skating, in contact with the ground flattens due to weight exerted by the skater. With urethane being a sturdy material, it quickly goes back to its original round shape. The wheels are mainly in two types; that is the big, soft cruise wheels and small, hard street wheels.  


Hardness is rated on a scale known as the durometer scale sing the unit ‘A’ that has 100 points.  According to research wheels that are a lot softer have a tighter grip, easily absorb irregularities and are quiet compared to the hard wheels. They are best for longboarding, cruising, and transportation while hard wheels are best for skate parks and street skating on gaps, rails, manual pads, etc. The degree of hardness varies in four different and well-recognized groups. 

  • Soft Skateboard Wheels 78A-92A

The soft skateboard wheels are considered the best to use on rough grounds since they have a better grip. The wheels are also much slower compared to the hard wheels. They are great for filming boards and cruiser boards since they reduce noise and absorb ground shock. Using soft skateboard wheels makes it a lot harder to slide with all four wheels on the ground.

  • Medium Hard Skateboard Wheels 93A-95A

These wheels are a bit above the bar in terms of hardness in contrast to the soft skateboard wheels. They are a lot harder and a lot faster than smooth wheels though they still have a good grip on surfaces. In instances where you might want to relax and cruise through streets, or you need to street skate, but your area has a rough ground these wheels are still high. 

  • Hard Skateboard Wheels 95A-99A

If you want to skate parks, mini ramps or also the streets, these wheels will perfectly serve your purpose. They slide easily and have a good grip and are just fast enough. They are great for every beginner.

  • Very Hard Skateboard Wheels 99A-100A & 83B-84B

These wheels allow you to execute powerslides and are quite long-lasting. The tough skateboard wheels are more maneuverable than other wheels, although they are hard to ride on rough grounds. Due to their hardness, they are fast, and they accelerate faster but can tend to lose their terminal velocity quite fast. These types of wheels are more suitable for experienced riders and are best for technical skateboarding.


With two primary forms, the wheels get shaped in such a way that they protect and provide cover for the axle nut keeping the wheel from beating up from skateboarding. A sharp edge provides the wheel with a better grip while the rounded edge makes it easier to slide. The two main shapes are;

  • Modern Wheel Shapes

These are more rounded and equally symmetrical so that they use less material and keep the wheel light to make it conducive for flip tricks. This shape makes it have little contact with the ground, making it a lot more susceptible. Its round-shaped edge makes it simpler to slide into tricks or just along even grounds 

  • Old-school Wheel Shapes

These wheels are more of a square shape, and unlike the new wheels, they are asymmetrical. This square shape helps in protecting the axle nut. The wheels provide a lot of surface area that gets into contact with the ground giving you a smoother ride. It has a way better grip and moves fast.


When it comes to wheel components what I have given is but a sample of what skateboard wheels components. A great pair or two of wheels can improve your skateboarding skills to look like a pro skater.

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