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What Is A Mountain Bike Dropper Post?

What Is A Mountain Bike Dropper Post? During this modern era, mountain biking is becoming a recreational and sporting activity than ever. To make this event faster, comfortable, and safe dropper posts play a crucial role. It helps to reduce natural and technical obstacles that you might face while riding, by adjusting the height and length to the desired level. Let’s find more details on why many riders focus on dropper posts for their mountain bikes.

What Is A Mountain Bike Dropper Post?

A dropper post refers to a seat that you can adjust by easily lowering or raising the lever on the handlebar. It is designed to be adjusted to the desired height that enables the riders to lower the seats faster and simply at the moment of riding. This one of the most advantages of using a dropper post.  

It functions in two ways either mechanical power or hydraulic power. To lower or raise the Seatpost the lever moves hydraulic fluid or mechanical cable through the hose. It exactly operates like an adjustable office chair works. 

Do You Need A Dropper Post?

If you want to improve your mountain biking performance remarkably, absolutely with no doubt you need a dropper post. Another major reason why you want dropper post is that it allows you to go faster and easier between seated pedaling and standing to steer fall or jumps. A dropper post is much important especially if you are short or you have short legs. Using a dropper post requires some skills and fitness level than your riding ability.  

Nowadays people around the world are using dropper posts to make their riding more comfortable and stable. In some cases, it reduces the chances of getting injuries. For this and other reasons, it is recommendable to use a dropper post,  

For enjoyment, training mountain riding, cross country riders, and racers the dropper post can be in use. If your training or riding doesn’t include jumps, falls, steep descent you’re not encouraged to use dropper post. Also, sometimes you will not be allowed to use technology during the race or Olympic cross country. 

When mountain biking, dropper post is more important to consider but for some reason, it will be restricted. Example: when you are riding downhill.

How to Choose a Dropper Post?

Choosing the right dropper post will greatly help you to get the best and right one. When you choose the right dropper post you should consider the following features;

  • Height and length

Before purchasing a dropper, post ensures the height is enough expanded to give you desired to pedal height.  Dropper posts are accessible in different lengths of both longer and shorter. Examples of available lengths are 80mm, 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm. while the lengths of travel increase, the general lengths of dropper post rise. Most of the dropper post-manufacture recommends the least fitting lengths. 

  • Internal or external cable routing 

Bikes use either internal (stealth) or external cable routing. Old bikes use external and modern mountain bikes to almost use internal cable routing. By internal cable routing implies that the dropper post joined to the remote level at the pole of the post. This decreases the chances of contamination from dirt and dust. 

Also, the internal one is preferable as there is no cable movement than intervene with the rear suspension. On the other hand, external cable routing means the cables are routed outside the top tube and attach their head. They are very simple to install and maintain than the internal cable routing.

  • Seatpost diameter

Dropper post seats are designed in different diameters which allows them to fit. The general diameter will be determined by the size you intend to fit the dropper Seatpost into. The diameter is measured using a dial indicator. Choosing the proper dropper Seatpost are helpful because they permit adjustability, which most necessary element in dropper post.

  • Mechanical or hydraulic 

As mentioned above dropper posts are operated either mechanically or hydraulically. So, when you choose a dropper post it’s better to consider those two points. The mechanical one is frequently simple, easy to maintain, and pocket friendly. When you come to hydraulic one, its operation provides easy performance but its maintenance requires more skills and resources.


For mountain biking, Dropper posts are one of the significant parts, as it helps the rider to go downhill and also high riding pedaling position quickly and safely. If you want to improve your mountain biking, ensure that to choose the right dropper post that will help you while riding. Also, try to remember those tips mentioned above before purchasing a dropper post.

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