Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review 2020 Best Deal

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review

Do you need a scooter? Then why not an Electric Scooter? The electric scooter is better for transport. Electric Scooter becomes a bigger part of the transport. Here I’m going to talk about the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter review. It’s price reasonable and easy to carry. Mi Electric Scooter 18.6 miles long-range battery, 3 seconds to fold for storage, 5x walking speed, double safety braking system, up to 15.5 MPH. It’s come impressive.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Review

Features of Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter:


You can fold it in 3 easy steps. First, you have to flip down the folding lever to fold, the bell catches onto a latch on the rear wheel. It’s a secure folding design for stowing away at home or in the workplace.


Mi Electric Scooter weight is 26.9lbs and made of an aerospace-grade aluminum frame, which has a low density and high structural strength.


Tires are the most important fact for a scooter. Mi Scooters tires are 8.5’’ and rear tires feature great and anti-slip treads. Paired 250W brushless DC motor for stable power output.


You check your current speed, remaining power, and another real-time riding statistic. Simply open your Bluetooth on smartphone and pair Mi Electric Scooter and use the app. That’s help you always have the best riding experience.


Mi Electric Scooters have server high-capacity 18650 lithium batteries, which deliver up to 18.6 miles on a single charge. You can management the battery via the app. You can recover and regenerates energy with an acceleration into electrical power. Charging time approx. 5 hours.

Anti-slip handle

You will get a great grip and control over the scooter.


1. Ergonomic throttle control and cruise control

2. It’s design solid

3. It’s very affordable to cost

4. It has a dual braking system

5. Durable & well-engineered

6. The battery monitor is good

7. Good speed, the range for the price point

8. App available for ride information


1. Bell design is very poor

2. It only carries 220lbs

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FAQ OF Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Is this scooter used for the ‘Bird’ app?

Yeah, It is the same scooter that the Bird company use.

Can I replace my pneumatic tires with solid ones right?

Yeah sure, you can.

Does this scooter have air tire or tubeless tire?

It’s not air-filled tires. It’s just like a bicycle. It has external tires and an internal air tube.

How can I order replacement parts of mine?

You have to contact their customer service team could help if needed.


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is perfect for transportation and communication. This scooter not an ideal solution for kids. You can use this as a bike.

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